The Media Whores is a band group originally from Glasgow, Scotland. Their genre is alternative Rock & Roll with unique sounds which include post-punk, ecstatic, pre-punk, sonic, alternative, uplifting, new wave, punk rock and roll. Formed in 2008, the band is made up of members - Craig A (vocals, lyrics and rhythm guitar), Andy Russell (Drums). Doog G Mack V (Bass guitar & backing vocal), Jimbo MacKellar (Lead guitar & backing vocals).




The four-member group has excelled in their career; they all started off with solo careers:  Jimbo the lead guitarist started playing guitar at age 6. For Andy, he was already drumming before he attained age 15 and Doogie, the Bass Guitarist confessed he had his first guitar at age 14, Craig the group’s vocalist is not left out as he revealed that he was addicted to listening with his dad’s transistor radio to John Peels festive fifty under the covers.


Since their inception, they have recorded a good number of sold-out albums but the two most popular of them all are:

A Decade of Defiance

A great album that was nominated by Mercury Music Awards, the album contained 3 tracks that were included in Cold War, Money & Big Pharma; their fourth studio album. The album is a mix of jazz; rock ‘n’ roll elements. The album clearly displayed intelligently written lyrics and musicianship of the Media Whores. Songs on the album include Where Has It Gone, Portland’s Burning, Fall Into Line, Fight The Real Enemy, Back On The Piss Again, I’d Rather Fucking Die, Does The System Work, Concealed Genocide, Kept Docile, Affect Change, Success Unattainable, Your Country Is Shit

Dangerous Minds

Even in the midst of some controversial topics that surrounded this album, it has gained so much popularity and won music awards too. An intelligently crafted post-punk album with a conscience, the songs on the album literally takes anyone back to the best rock ‘n’ roll songs in the 60s and 70s. Songs on the album include Frack Off, Zombies in Mayfair, March of the Angels, You Can’t Win, Skinny, Black Widow, Chinese Whispers, Do You Think I’m Lying, Computer Love Affair, Can’t Say Whore On Radio, Raking It In, Vinyl Head. Credit for the success of the Dangerous mind album will be given to David South (Sound Engineer), Craig Anderson (Lead vocals, Lyrics, Rhythm Guitar), Doogie Mackie (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Andy Russell (Drums), Michael Cameron (Post Production) and Jim Mackellar (Guitar, Backing Vocals)


Among several events the Media Whores have performed, these are the most popular -

  • The40th anniversary show of The Dammed at the ABC, November 2016.
  • The Big Country Concert to mark the 30th anniversary of their album - The Seer
  • Support Concert with the The Godfathers, and the Blue Aeroplanes
  • Performance at the 10th anniversary of Record Store Dayheld at Europa Records, Stirling.
  • Recent Gigs with Ruts DC and the re-formed valves


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