Why are Prices so High in New Zealand ?

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(Pictured- Dear Leader Knows Best – and the $tats  don’t lie…complements of Toothfish)

The media today are ‘debating’ why prices are so high in New Zealand. They have decided to ask the experts. The experts are all pretty sure there is no inflation. The Government told us so. And the experts all work for the Government – or for the banks, who run the Government…..

Sounds like a story out of Soviet Russia doesn’t it?

Prices in NZ have in fact risen by at least 200% since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. 400 plus % on my favorite cheese,  and honey.  200% plus on housing, and power bills some say also. Yet somehow the ‘Government’ and the corporate media all agree that there hasn’t really been any inflation at all in the past 10 years.

So why is New Zealand so expensive?

It should be noted that wages and salaries are almost unchanged in that same period – in economics speak, this translates to “lower real wages” or the amount of purchasing power of your money/pay. If prices are 200% or more up, and your wages remain the same – you might be experiencing budgeting problems. And the bottom 5% will all be living in their cars. Which is precisely the case under this Soviet like John Key regime – who pose as “capitalists”.

We need to explain why those prices have been rising (money counterfeiting by the banks essentially) but first, lets consider the other thing putting upwards pressure on our prices – exports.

New Zealand is now feeding upwards of 60 000 000 people overseas. That is how much food we produce – a massive amount. One of the biggest food producers per capita in the entire World. We are a giant farm really, with a few cities in the middle.  All of the very best food is exported to the likes of 5 star hotels across Asia and Europe, and thousands of tonnes more to supermarkets and chain stores all over.

You can of course buy anything you want here – but you just have to pay the same price as top corporate executives are offering for it in Tokyo and London.

If that makes you feel a little queasy, also keep in mind that most of the corporates shipping all of our food and resources  overseas, are paying almost no tax these days. They all have advanced offshore licensing fees and trusts to launder the billions in profits through to. Assholes like Graeme Hart are held up for us as some kind of hero – when he is in fact one of the single biggest causes of poverty in our modern day history.

In fact- Kiwis are now not only dealing with 100-200 % lower real wages these days  but are also paying around 65% net taxes on their salaries and wages. That includes 20-30% income tax, 15% GST, ACC rates, petrol taxes, tobacco taxes, alcohol taxes, local rates, and on and on. Then thanks to “privatisation” you have to pay for most “Government Services” anyway.

It is in fact beyond madness – it is looking more and more like some type of Corporate Fourth Reich.  A corporate holocaust being run by our Government in conjunction with their Corporate partners – well underway in New Zealand , and under a Prime Minister who claims to be Jewish oddly enough.  ‘Zionists’ I hear some people refer to them as. Which looks suspiciously like the word Nazi to me.  Someone should just ask John Key if he eats bacon for breakfast and that would determine if he follows the Jewish religion or not.

Turns out now “the experts” in the media want to tax sugar as well. The poor can only afford cheap foods full of sugar these days. So the new tax is clearly designed to make their lives even harder. Fact is, if they had any interest in keeping people healthy, they would simply remove taxes off fruit and vegetables and any other healthy foods – so the sugar tax has nothing to do with helping people.

That is the reality of New Zealand these days – a small handful of apparently very well connected and financed people are doing just great;  overseas trips, baches, cruises, overseas homes,  etc – and everyone else is being slowly killed off via a scientifically designed and deployed corporate extermination program. ‘The others’ have distilled water (h2o) treatment plants for them and their family, and everyone else is drinking sodium fluoride and chlorine – if they are lucky – the unlucky rate payers are actually dying from preventable diseases in their water supplies such as we have seen in Havelock North recently. This is apparently the new standard.

Interesting to note that no one has been held responsible for the Havelock North Water Crisis – these ‘leaders’ are now poisoning everyone and still get to keep their jobs.

One wonders how bad it is going to get?

One thing is for sure – the amount of crap that Kiwis are prepared to put up with has increased exponentially in just 25 years. Probably at the same rate as the size of their TV screens.

‘Globalization’ while in essence a natural idea, has been hijacked by a criminal corporate elite who are systematically raping our Nation and other nations around the world for all we are worth, while they bribe and control the perverts in Government who are supposed to represent the actual people.

And why do we have ever increasing inflation on our remaining food ? That is due to the money printing/ counterfeiting operations of the foreign banks – that money you sign for and they lend you, at interest? Yeah, it came out of thin air…….a very sophisticated magic trick, that only certain qualified magicians are apparently allowed to do…..same as the $400 million John Key has been borrowing each week since he was placed in ‘power’, all counterfeit money borrowed from the US federal Reserve mafia, at interest, causing rampant inflation across NZ and the Western World.



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