Alison Mau – mindless twit or just plain evil?


“The more sexually deviant a woman is, the further and faster she is promoted, no matter how ingrained the learning difficulties.” – (Greg Hallett – A Blackmailers Guide (Amazon))

Introducing Alison Mau.

Seasoned corporate media whore and the face of the LGBT movement in New Zealand as well as the “liberal” corporate Fourth Reich who care about the environment, gay sexual developments and the unfortunate, but very necessary War of Terror.

We are unsure if it is via outright stupidity, plain laziness, MK Ultra mind control or possibly just outright corruption and greed, but Alison Mau has somehow managed to survive the past 15 years at the very front of various NZ media and never figured out that 911 was an inside job. She genuinely seems to believe that sky scrapers collapse when they are on fire. This is very unfortunate, because for whatever the reason, it also means that the face of the ‘liberal’ LGBT movement in NZ has actually spent the past 15 years covering up terrorism and genocide across the Middle East. Indeed, the War of Terror being waged on everybody now Worldwide would not be possible unless the corporate bankers had people stupid enough to do what Alison Mau does each day- ignore all the facts and cover up terrorism and genocide.

This sad state of affairs was no better displayed when Alison Mau suddenly leaped on the “Poor Syrian Boy on the Beach” story and became the bleeding heart of the Nation as the poor young boy who was found washed up on a Mediterranean beach was used to help sell the horrors of refugee boat trips to Europe and the absolute guilt, shame and selfishness of ‘Europeans’ (white people) world wide.

Alison Mau had apparently missed the bit where it was suggested the photographers had dragged the poor dead boy over 100 meters down the beach, so as to get the perfect shot.

Much like she had apparently missed the evidence that airplanes cannot fly through 4 foot steal columns, or that skyscrapers do not collapse when on fire. Much like she had missed most of the stories of the past 15 years of illegal wars since 911, resulting in over 3 million dead people across the Middle East- all based on lies.

Alison Mau’s position as a certified spin doctor for genocidal goals and ambitions is complete. She will be gunning for a state funeral now. Least we ever forget. And a fucking Australian to boot.

Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry” was clearly written with the likes of Alison Mau in mind. Alison Mau can babble on all day about her glorious home in Remuera, her own kids private school educations, and the joys of gay sex, while simultaneously covering up mass murder, genocide and NZ government child abuse , all without batting a painted eyelid.

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Alison Mau
Alison Mau


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