Cell Salt Deficiencies & Facial Diagnosis


There are 12 organic cell salts on this Planet.

These cell salts, or mineral salts make up the human body. Salt of the earth, a temple of salt, the so called Temple of Solomon / Soul of Man. You have a Soul and a temple/ body of salt.

Along with water and sunlight, they are all you need to be healthy.

They are produced by nature, in season, with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Your body tells you what cell salts it needs via “cravings”.

The food industry extracts these cell salts from the foods they process and sell back to you, then add them in small doses to some fast foods,  such as McDonalds and KFC, making you crave them, but also mix in transfats, sugar and chemicals designed to make you sick, obese and eventually kill you.

The human Organism has Organs, and all it needs is Organic – provided by nature. Funny that 😉


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