Gareth Morgan – inbreeding expert


‪Gareth Morgan‬ is the face of the communist elite who have taken over the West, with the help of their money counterfeiting banker friends and relatives.
They pose as “capitalists” but are in fact communists who believe that all resources should be owned by a handful of interbred criminals, with minimum wages and taxation for everyone else.
Their only real skill in life is disguising who they really are, what their real agenda is and their family and other connections. Gareth Morgan (spelled the same as the JP Morgan banking family, from the Latin/ Satin word for Mortuary / Death) was handed the EBay franchise for NZ (now called Trademe) making his family rich beyond belief, and uses that money to invest in and encourage the global corporate / communist takeover of the Nation – with large investments in the likes of Dominos Pizza (poisoning poor families while paying minimum wages to its staff) and other eugenics based social engineering programs, such as changing the flag, 1080, killing cats and the Global Warming Tax Hoax.
Not to mention huge amounts of land banking property investments, as the people he pretends he wants to help live on the streets.
And all while posing as ‘liberals’.
One wonders if Gareth Morgan – who looks like he possibly suffers from sever inter generational inbreeding – hopes to role out his latest pet project (the micro chipping of cats) to the greater public in general.
We wouldn’t put it past him
His son – Sam Morgan is equally revolting in our opinion – worth hundreds of millions and uses his high profile on social media for grand causes like exposing taxi drivers whom he catches smoking in their cars.

These people are sick in our opinion. Legal – these are indeed opinions.

Image Source – fair use/ commentary.

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