Hawkes Bay Doctors Drugging & Abusing Children ?

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The Hawkes Bay Doctor who has allegedly been drugging and raping his patients at his Hawkes Bay practice is apparently part of a much larger problem in the Hawkes Bay – and NZ in general.

The doctor has secured himself continued name suppression  – which is hardly surprising as we see NZ judges bending over backwards to protect sex offenders these days, with some experts now alleging the Judiciary are in fact a part of the same “club”.


Then we have another “Health Professional” in Napier caught with over 5000 child abuse images, also protected by our pedophile minder judiciary: http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/national-news/84995003/Napier-health-professional-charged-with-possessing-5343-images-of-child-sex-abuse

Even the local St Johns Ambulance crew are in on it it seems: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/9510375/St-John-sex-accused-named

The question should be – what do all of these people have in common? Are the Freemasons? Members of some Church or Synagogue? More information in the videos below.

Whistle Blower Justin Davis has alleged that there is in fact a gang of sex offenders operating in the Hawkes Bay, and connected to a wider gang operating Nationwide – many of whom are top doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, and even judges according to some researchers. He has alleged that this ring are using advanced date rape drugs manufactured at pharmacies in Hamilton and then distributed to the sex offenders around the Nation..

A sample of the Justin Davis files text is below and you can download the full 58 page pdf file at the following link- this is important public safety information for the Hawkes Bay public, and NZ public in general – not least those with children.


“Cops have had address of two of there archive of kiddie rape films. For about 2 and half years and done nothing. In fact next to one of the address lives a bent cop at — Everest Ave , Havelock North. The feb 2013 attack happen at — Fleming Cres , Napier. At home of pedo  —-. [close to] Terressa Mccormick mother and sister. His family was involved in the murder of this little girl. It’s was his grandfather  that I was sold to by my biological father at age 5 or 6. ——- is third generation pedo , and his son is 4th generation pedo. It could even go further back. He is key figure in Napier. He and his mates have been drugging and raping ——–‘s sister. —- also drugs his own daughter for other pedo’s. As well as he is the guy there that finds young girls or boys, cases houses , and breaks in at night with his pedo friends at film child rapes right in there home! For example if you wanted 6 year old with blue eyes , —— would be the one in that area to arrange it”


One only needs to read the news papers to see the NZ Judiciary is letting us down- with most experts agreeing they work for the interests of the foreign bankers, not NZ’ers. Their goal appears to be to promote debauchery, protect sex offenders and even encourage Sharia Law.

More on the state of NZ’s freemason police and judiciary:

And the same problem with ‘freemason’ judges and police in Australia – protecting pedophiles in the community:

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