Leighton Smith – foreign banker bag boy


Leighton Smith is another Australian import posing as a saviour of the people against the Global Corporate Fourth Reich.

He runs ads all day by the very same foreign banks and finance companies who are raping and bankrupting the Nation, mixed with plugs for luxury cruises and fine wine companies, between patchy narrations on whats going on in the World and what\’s causing all the problems.

Erm – its the same assholes that sponsor your show Leighton- and your luxury cruises.

This is hypocrisy at its absolute finest and indeed Leighton Smith has perfected the art of hypocrisy – funded and sponsored by the very same gangs he pretends to be exposing.

Leighton has been sent extensive reports, allegations and evidence that there are child abuse gangs operating with impunity in NZ, and he has ignored them all. We have no evidence that Leighton Smith is part of these child abuse gangs that operate across NZ government departments and corporations, but he certainly seems to be protecting them.
Leighton Smith poses as an informed, intelligent broadcaster trying to expose what\’s going on in the world – but has covered up the real facts behind 911, the fake war on terror, child abuse gangs operating in NZ and world wide, who runs the meth trade in NZ, the works and books of exiled author Greg Hallett, and numerous other scandals and important information for the public.

He is a fraud of the highest level- a Judas Goat on the scale of the very best corporate Media Whores – deceiving his long suffering listeners on a systematic and daily basis, as he stuffs his pockets with the rewards from the bankers he promotes and protects.

More reviews on Leighton Smith below – not necessarily our opinions:

“Correct Enzed,

There is a word for that in the English Dictionary:

Hedonist: a life style devoted to pleasure seeking.

Good food good wine etc..

In truth he is a LOP-SIDED waffler.

Mr Talkitive, straight out of Pilgrims Progress.

Always talking, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

Watch out for him!
(Shades of the Protocols)

He baits his hook with free speech, christianity, and other tasty titbits.

But his goal is Jewish Supremism, to worship THE GOD OF THIS WORLD!


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