Mark Sainsbury “Perving at kids”


Mark Sainsbury this morning made a very weird comment on his Radio Live / eviL radio show – he was interviewing Nano Girl (Michelle Dickinson –  a ‘modern day science’ corporate bullshit artist in our opinion) and mentioned that when he attends primary school events he is worried that people think he is “perving at all the kids”.

Very strange.

Many Kiwis are aware of the problem with our politicians and media and child abuse – with many of them protected by the judiciary with name suppression for child abuse convictions. Even the establishment media whore Whale Oil admitted at one stage that 5 sitting MP’s have/had name suppression. And the mainstream media are tasked with keeping that covered up of course.

We have no evidence that Mark Sainsbury has name suppression or any such convictions- but comments like the ones above are not very helpful to his image surely – and totally out of line for a morning radio show.

Below is a recent list of many ‘entertainers’ and other high profile public people who have been awarded name suppression or have been involved in child abuse cases in recent years. The list makes it clear in our view that the NZ judiciary are actively protecting child abusers in New Zealand.

Given this problem – with the judiciary protecting entertainers and politicians for their child abuse crimes – comments like the one made by Mark Sainsbury today are totally out of line in our view.

Why does he need to even mention “perving at kids” when discussing primary school events? Why even bring it up?

If nothing else, it is certainly a reflection on the standards of our media whores these days.

For the record, Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson managed a somewhat strained laugh at Sainsbury’s mid day radio pedophilia gaff, before the producers quickly cut to an ad break. The producers at Radio Live/eviL  are fairly well practiced in covering up for their presenters’ sexual slip ups, given they are a regular occurrence. Nano Girl is no doubt rather desensitized to such behavior and people in her line of work also (education, media and corporate sales) – even her ‘stage’ name is a bit of a giveaway, she is actually a woman after all.

Makes you wonder what they are all on.

Mark Sainsbury
Mark Sainsbury – Photo Credit Stuff – fair Use/ Commentary


Media Works 666
Media Works 666

The foreign bank owned Media Works logo XXX – seX seX seX – or siX siX siX? Satanic porn for the masses  perhaps? Even their logo is deceptive, so you can just imagine the kind of “news and information” they are feeding you. 

Recent Name Suppression & Child Abuse Related Cases- what the fk is going on in NZ?  And are these people running the Nation??

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”

“Name suppression for Auckland professional”

“Permanent name suppression for prominent New Zealander”

“‘Prominent’ Auckland actor on sex charges retains name suppression”

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

“Ex MP charged with indecent assault”

“Cabinet minister’s brother accused of abusing two 11-year-olds”

“National MP Nick Smith found in contempt of court”

“Hon Dr Nick Smith, M.P and the Family Court

(C) Found guilty of contempt”

“Permanent name suppression for top professional”

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

But they only give name suppression to “protect the victims” right?

“Abused sisters lose High Court bid to name attacker”

“Investigated teacher refused to open laptop, but can still teach”

“GP accused of indecent assault finally loses his right to practice”

“Fight to keep name suppressed in couch-surfing case”

“Convicted rapist back tutoring”

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”

“Sex offender Ronald Van der Plaat’s release angers Te Atatu community”

“Name suppression for New Plymouth man who imported pornography”

“Invercargill underage sex accused not guilty”

“Acquitted prominent NZer wins permanent suppression”

“Man jailed for 13 years for raping daughter”

“Name suppression threshold “too high” – QC”

“Sex offender seeks further name suppression”

“Kiwi entertainer retains name supression”

“Suppression for man on rape charge”

“Community work and name suppression for child porn downloader”

“NZ actor facing sex charges keeps name suppression”

“Judge declines to lift suppression of kiwi actor on sex charges”

“Comedian says incident was drunken accident”

“Wellington child pornography offender discharged without conviction”

“Pharmacist suppression orders lifted”

“Upskirt filmer gets name suppression”

“Name suppression for Auckland flasher”

“Teachers found guilty of misconduct over relationship with 13-year-old girl lose name suppression”

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