Opposition Emails Being Blocked in Police State Neo Zeeland

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We are living in the Corporate Fourth Reich under tin pot dictator John Key and his Zionist corporate mafia  ‘Government’

It has been revealed that the GCSB, whom Kiwis fund with their tax money is in fact spying on, monitoring and blocking opposition party emails.


“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” was the quote used by John Key when he announced new Nazi Party like spy laws in New Zealand- an almost direct quote from Jospeh Goebbles from the Germany Nazi Party of the wwii era.

It seems the case is now – if you have anything that may harm the John Key corporate / foreign bank dictatorship, you have good reason to be fearful.

This has of course been going on for a long time now but has just come to the surface, in politics at least. Journalists in Neo Zionland have know this is the case for some time….

We recently saw journalist Nicky Hager’s home raided by the police state whose intention was to try and silence him and stop any more damaging information being released, and this journalist has had his emails monitored and censored for many years, as well as website traffic and search results blocked on Google and other search engines. Media Works Heather du Plessis-Allan’s home was also raided recently by police – RadioNZ .

We have a corrupt, foreign bank run corporate government full of perverts, drug addicts and child abusers with name suppression, and they lash out like little possessed demons when their corruption and fraud is exposed.

Kiwis should be aware that our ‘internet’ is by no means ‘open and free’ – it is more like the Chinese Communist Party model where Government spooks, funded by you, are actively policing thoughts and ideas online.

This is the sad state of affairs under this criminal corporate run regime of John Key and his foreign bank handlers

And a good indication of the standards of information the public are receiving online and in the media. If you think you have seen stories of corruption, rest assured you are only seeing the very tip of the iceberg.


Image- a coin minted in Germany pre wwii – are Nazism and Zionism two sides of the same coin?  

In other newsdoes the John Key corporatist regime run the NZ meth trade?

In other news- RIP Sarah Higgins, the Young National Party politician who died suddenly this month in unexplained circumstances….

Sarah Higgins John Key
Sarah Higgins John Key




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