The Meth Decontamination Hoax


Below is a picture of some common household / domestic cleaning chemicals used world wide.

If you ingest any of these chemicals, you will most likely need to be rushed to a hospital and have your stomach pumped – or worse.

These products are splashed around the average household everyday of the week

Domestic Cleaning Chemicals
Domestic Cleaning Chemicals


Below is a picture of some meth/ P. If you ingest some of it, you will feel bullet proof for 1-2 days, then feel like shit and sleep for 1-2 days and wake up very hungry.

So which do you think is more poisonous to human beings? The cleaning products you splash around your family everyday of the week? Or some of this meth that someone smoked in your lounge 6 months ago?



And yet NZ has become so hopelessy dumbed down as a Nation, that they will spend $20,000 tearing down their walls and re-fixing them, because some dishonest corporate bastards told you your house is “contaminated”.


How far we have fallen. Must be the Sky TV and large screens. And the fluoride in the water.

The morons spending 10’s of thousands ‘decontaminating’ their houses are the same morons who believe sky scrapers collapse when they are on fire, and that John Key is an honest man – purely because their media told them so.

PS: No chemicals are good for the human organism. Meth is a very bad idea and will destroy your health over time – but it is not as dangerous as the bleach in your bathroom, or the chemicals you wash your dishes with each day. Not to mention fly spray – that’s the worst. 

Others agree:–methamphetamine—don’t-add-up-%E2%80%93-specialist.aspx—drug-foundation-2016062819’t-panic-over-meth-contamination-scientist

In other news- the Government’s war on meth updates:

Mike Sabin’s Meth “Con”

Top Northland Cop Steals Kilos of Meth from the Evidence Room to Sell 

National MP Mike Sabin in police assault inquiry

Mike Sabin’s new job at luxury resort


Mike Sabin and methamphetamine

MP Mike Sabin is being investigated by the police for assault, and it appears that National are looking at possible replacements for him in his Northland electorate.

Sabin has a history of involvement in drug enforcement and education.

Before becoming an MP in 2011 Sabin was a police officer for ten years (including drugs detective) and then in 2006 founded a business called Methcon that somehow made money out of addressing the P problem. They described themselves as:

New Zealand’s only specialist methamphetamine education provider

Sabin’s website profile goes into more detail.

Mike took leave without pay from the police in 2006 having founded a world-first company,MethCon Group Ltd, the aim of which was to provide employers, government agencies, community organisations and members of the public with better education, policy and strategies to respond to New Zealand’s growing P problem. Mike delivered hundreds of seminars and presentations in businesses, schools and communities from Te Kao in the North to Wellsford in the South, gaining a respected public profile and connectivity with communities and organisations around the North.

Mike quickly rose to national prominence as managing director of Methcon Group with frequent media appearances and commentaries. The business quickly expanded from Northland right across the country with Methcon Group gaining recognition with a number of business awards, while Mike himself was recognised with national leadership awards for his commitment in this area.

While researching solutions to New Zealand’s methamphetamine crisis Mike traveled extensively into the United States and Europe and provided research and recommendations to the previous government and the new National lead government, which have given this issue considerable priority.

Mike’s is now considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on matters related to methamphetamine and drug policy which is also reflected internationally in his roles on several international drug prevention policy organisations, including being one of two representatives for Oceania on the World Federation Against Drugs. Mike also attended and gave an address at the United Nations in Vienna at the 10 year anniversary of global drug policy in 2009.

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