John Key – smacking over female cops is ok – but domestic violence is not


NZ’s 3rd ‘Jewish’ Prime Minister has chosen to remain silent on the case of fellow rich lister and winery owner’s son, Nikolas Delegat being let off by NZ’s failing judiciary for smacking over a female police officer – knocking her out and off the job recovering for months.

By remaining silent he is sending a message to the public that his government apparently thinks its ok for fellow rich listers’ kids to attack female cops – even after they are unconscious on the ground.

This is the same situation we saw with John Key refusing to condemn Australia’s Jewish Prime Minister keeping Kiwis in Prison Camps without a trial. The Mafia always cover for each other.

To highlight just how pathetic this foreign banker puppet really is – John Key and Justice Minister Amy Adams stood up together on the very same day and announced new domestic violence laws to help stop the abuse of women in the household.

So this ridiculous clown is ‘clamping down’ on domestic violence – on the same day his mate’s son gets let off for beating up a female cop and putting her in hospital.

And it gets worse – as today the Crown announced they will appeal rugby player Losi Filipo’s case after he was let off for assaulting 4 people (including two women) in Wellington one night. So the brown boy will get retried, but no one in the media thought to ask about the rich kid whose father is mates with John Key.’s-discharge-without-conviction

This is life now in the new foreign banker run corporate Government in NZ in 2016. Complete insanity. Everything is apparently for sale – but don’t worry, if you kick up too much of a fuss, we will just do it all over again, with your tax money. Nobody ever loses a job. No better example of that than the Havelock water poisoning saga – the council poisoned over 4000 people and no one even lost a job.

Also interesting to see the Judge in the Delegat privileged rich kid case was none other than the well known cross dressing Judge Kevin Phillips of Queenstown – a Judge very often the center of judicial corruption discussions around the net….below is a quick list of cases in which it is has been suggested Judge Kevin Phillips is protecting sex offenders and the rich and / or their children around Otago. In one case he appears to allow 18 counts of perjury in his court to get a conviction, and in another case he appears to charge $10,000 for under age sex, ignoring the law he is paid to enforce. Whispers and suggestion of corruption and scandal seem to follow Judge Kevin Phillips with many of the cases he touches….

This is apparently the standard of the NZ justice system these days:

Seems the establishment is keen to protect him also – by removing negative stories about him from the internet……why worry about having discussions on corruption when you can just censor it instead?

Otago Judge Kevin Phillips - Cross Dresser
Otago Judge Kevin Phillips – Cross Dresser


Video below- Judge Kevin Phillips lets a Queenstown bouncer state 18+ times under oath that he never left the bar door – as you can see he follows the man out the door, not once, but twice, with his fists raised. Judge Phillips is either blind, or totally corrupt. And ‘judging’ by the stories above, its the later…..






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