Did Colin Craig Deny the Holocaust?


[Featured image – Colin Craig, luckily chose business over a career as a super model – Source – Stuff] 

Listening to the many hours of detailed gory analysis on the Colin Craig defamation case, Media Whores found themselves wondering if possibly Colin Craig had denied the holocaust or something similar.

Tuning into any NZ radio station over the past couple of weeks, or reading any of the ‘news’ papers – one could be forgiven for thinking Nuremberg was being played out again in the South Pacific in the 21st Century.

And the crime? Well essentially it is a claim by Jordan Williams of the Tax Payer’s Union that Colin Craig defamed him by calling him a liar. A truly shocking claim that I’m sure all good Kiwis agree is the type of behaviour NZ must focus on stamping out of the political arena before it gets out of hand and starts eating away at our wonderful democracy. (Yes that was sarcasm).

Jordan Williams - establishment bag boy
Jordan Williams – establishment bag boy


This claim has somehow now turned into a 3 week media exposé on Colin Craig’s late night romantic texting activities – just what the Nation needs in this time of unprecedented corruption and wholesale theft under the John Key foreign banker/ Fourth Reich regime.

It is in fact so ridiculous that Media Whores started to wonder what exactly the agenda was.

Colin did in fact at one stage deny the Moon Landings – which is a punishable Free Thought Crime in today’s  Corporate Fourth Reich. The creepy drawling ‘communist’ shill that runs the Daily Blog was quick to expose and act on those allegations below: “Colin Craig – now denies moon landing

You do of course have to be mentally challenged to actually believe the Moon Landing footage from 1969. So perhaps it is a crime these days to not in fact be mentally challenged?

But does denying the Moon Landings constitute a cardinal crime worthy of Nuremberg styled court hearings in modern day 1984 NZ?

Colin Craig also at one point refused to deny Chemtrials (the spraying of chemicals in our skies by airplanes flying at twice the height of commercial craft along non commercial flight paths) https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/

It seems clear at this point that Colin Craig is indeed suffering from the condition of not being mentally challenged and one wonders if perhaps he is drinking distilled / non fluoridated water? Although this is not a crime in and of itself, you are getting in deep waters if you want to be a public figure and start telling people such things.

The performer Prince learned this lesson well when he went on public record exposing the Chemtrailing of our skies – he was dead some time later and being stitched up as some kind of drug addict child abuser, much like Michael Jackson was after he called Sony CEO Tommy Mottola “a devil”. Luckily for Colin Craig, he was just gunning for the position of leader of a small South Pacific Nation so his life has apparently been speared thus far:

Media Whores thinks perhaps that denying the Moon Landings and refusing to deny the Chemtrailing of our skies would have been grounds enough to face a 2-3 week trial by media with all of your personal emails and text messages trolled over and chucked out in the public arena. If he were any more well known or powerful he would probably have faced poisoning and/ or child abuse allegations.

And no surprises that establishment hack Jordan Williams is behind the persecution. Williams holds himself up as some kind of hero for questioning Government tax policy, but you will never hear him admit that all income taxes hurt and suppress our economy leading to unemployment and the welfare state of child abuse that successive Governments proudly rule over, keeping all the parasitic government state employees in work – including Jordan Williams’ own Tax Payer Union.

In the words of Lenin – “‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” This strategy sums up Jordan Williams in our opinion, little more than an establishment bag boy for hire, sponsored to disguise the real issues behind rampant inflation and the welfare state of child abuse. He is in our view only there to help maintain the status quo of record child abuse and welfare slavery in NZ, while prancing around in his designer suits posing as a hero of the people. If there were any truth to his crusade in our opinion, he would be campaigning for an end to all income taxes, and the welfare / warfare slavery communist state and rampant child abuse that income taxes have produced.

Interestingly, other journalists have called out Jordan Williams as a “sleaze bag” :

“I make no bones about it: I long ago formed a personal view that Jordan Williams is a shallow puppet and nasty, vacuous, sleaze bag who, like Slater Jnr, will hypocritically use other people as weapons to attack his elders’ enemies. Just like Slater Jnr, accuracy is not his strong suit. This week, presenting his ‘evidence’ in his defamation case against Colin Craig, it seemed to me he again confirmed my view. It’s been revealed in court this week – out of Jordan Williams’s own mouth – that he has repeatedly made untrue, “wrong” and inaccurate statements. Things like: that he had personally seen a text message (“with his own eyes”) when he had not. *see footnote. Jordan Williams’s grossly offensive description of women, revealed in the Whaledump leaks, will follow him everywhere. So will his reputation for using deceit, revealed in Dirty Politics. Quite right. What an arse. Describing himself as ‘a whistleblower’ in these circumstances is preposterous, and an insult to whistleblowers.
David Farrar – co-founder (apparently) with Jordan Williams of the thin astroturf lobby group ‘NZ Taxpayers Union’. I personally see this sleazy apprentice just as I do his sleazy masters Simon Lusk, David Farrar (right) and Cameron Slater: Contemptible character assassins.” Source

Jordan Williams mate David Farrar/ “Pinko” – dressed up as serial pedophile and necrophiliac-  Jimmy Savile. Are Kiwis concerned that one of John Key’s biggest supporters and pollster likes to dress up as a serial pedophile?


The irony of a man known to work closely with other men who openly brag about their attempts to exploit young NZ women (not to mention dressing up as serial pedophiles)  fronting a legal claim disguised as some sort of ‘woman’s rights’ case, has not been lost on Media Whores. Below is a transcript from Dirty Politics which sums up the likes of Jordan Williams and his mates in our opinion:

 Young Nats discussing their next party – how to get “dirty girls” along. ….


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:01am

i wasnt going to say that in case your email gets read


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:02am

my email doesn’t get read


Apparently Pinko is the main driving force behind the Princess party


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

well i was going to say i have cleared the field for you, given you the most likely targets and will get them drunk for you


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:03am

he has invited [REDACTED] to it and to the one the next night


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

righto, good cleint recruitment

he asked if he can bring neil miller, which i said yes to


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:04am

she likes threesomes so it could be promising for her and a young nat


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:05am

i’d try [REDACTED] she is filthy

not many young nats coming, i told jordan i didnt want them because they are retards


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:05am

just dirty girls who flip it up


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:06am

thats the plan, and i have carefully kept the balance of princesses to guys uneven

make sure [REDACTED] knows not to come without a full princess outfit and a bottle of bubbly


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:08am

i better go book a fucking moneky suit

Here is one of the ‘Young Nats’ these low lives are apparently discussing how to get drunk and in bed – Sarah Higgins who apparently took her own life this month….



Media Whores opinion? Jordan Williams is a fraud, and has manipulated Colin Craig’s ex staffer as a way to persecute Colin Craig and push him out of the political arena, all for the purposes of protecting the very same Government he pretends to be campaigning against.

These are the people who run our Government these days, including the so called “opposition” groups and movements.

Given however that the judiciary in NZ are tasked with protecting the establishment, the likelihood of a positive outcome for Colin Craig is not good.

And in regards the “denying the holocaust” title? We have no evidence that Colin Craig has denied the holocaust, but if he is questioning the modern day religion of NASA, its a slippery slope.  British Author and Historian, David Irving could probably provide Colin some pointers on the dangers of questioning the “official” story…..



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