John Key Supports Beheadings in Exchange for ‘Free’ Trade Deal$


New Zealand now condones beheadings – if it means more ‘free’ trade deals

Our ‘Jewish’ Prime Minister, who has presided over the highest ever inequality rates, child abuse rates, and homeless rates, now supports beheadings also, as long as it means more for his ‘Profit’ $$$.

“A stalled free trade deal with Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries will be completed, Trade Minister Todd McClay has announced.”

New Zealand now feeds up to 60,000,000 people overseas thanks to all this ‘Globalization’ and ‘free’ trade deals – and yet we have never seen so much poverty, child abuse and homelessness. It has become clear that such deals are only benefiting a select ‘chosen’ few and not NZ as a society. And the foreign bank run establishment still wants more – even if it means supporting beheadings.

Watch this sick pathological liar in action…..



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