The ‘Satanic’ Agenda to Microchip the Population – Nano Girl, Dr Michelle Dickinson


(Photo Source – fair use – NanoGirl Michelle Dickinson – big on public discussions on her sex life, microchipping humans, and children’s educations). 

Nano Girl, Dr Michelle Dickinson was back on the Paul Henry show today pushing microchips for humans – straight out of the guide book of horrific ‘Satanic’ prophecies, and now normal discussion on breakfast radio/ tv in NZ.

Here is Nano Girl promoting “chips” for the human body, along with tattoos, alcohol and drugs – not to mention all the dangerous chemicals plastered on her face….an awesome influence on Kiwi kids….NZ’s very own expert on sex, drugs, booze and science for your children….


Michelle Dickinson is also famous for discussing her sex life on Nationwide TV – sometimes even hitting world headlines. for such:

” Viewers offended by Paul Henry sex joke” – Daily Mail

And also known for her conversation about “perving at kids” with Media Works Mark Sainsbury

Hardly surprising to see Dickinson is also a fan of the Israeli State, back from a recent paid junket and where most of this trans-human technology is apparently being dreamed up.

Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson: Proud Israel actively nurtures tall poppies

It is also not very surprising  that the foreign bank owned and run media promotes a woman who discusses her sex life in the media and microchipping human beings as some kind of children’s hero.

In fact Media Works itself is owned by foreign banker Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital Fund and their logo is a quite deliberate “XXX” a symbol for the mostly Jewish controlled porn industry, as well as ‘siX siX siX’. These people know what they are doing.

Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666
Media Works Logo – XXX/ 666


It will be interesting to see if these anti-humanists can use their media and clowns like Michelle Dickinson to convince the Kiwi public they need to be microchipped like dogs – but given their success in convincing the public that skyscrapers collapse when on fire, and that 500 men calling themselves “ISIS” have taken over the Middle East, we guess anything is possible.

Aaron Russo exposed the agenda to microchip human beings before he died/ or was murdered….

More on microchip brain control and the transhumanism agenda being pushed by our foreign bank owned and run media…….

Other fake science and ‘Satanic’ bullshit the corporate media and education system is pushing on Kiwis and their children:

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