Hillary Clinton Emails Show Advanced Warning of Christchurch Earthquake


Recently releases Hillary Clinton emails show US State Department advanced knowledge of the big Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd February 2011.

The first email sent by the State Department to head of the department Hillary Clinton was sent a full 6 hours before the actual quake hit. Washington being 18 hours behind NZST. The second email was sent as the quake hit.

On the presumption the emails are real – this proves advanced knowledge by the US State Department of the Christchurch Earthquakes.

Wikileaks - Clinton ChCh Quake emails
Clinton Christchurch Earthquakes Emails – Source, Wikileaks


Assange had promised to release a “bombshell” this week (an interesting choice of words) – but the mainstream media ho’s had all claimed he backed out. Seems he backed out of the planned news conference, but not the actual release of the data online.

Seems they even knew the size of the quake: 6.3 – a possible reference to the Freemasonic Kabbalah number 666. There is substantial evidence that the quake was in fact much bigger than 6.3 magnitude.

Interestingly – the US disaster relief team “FEMA” was also in Christchurch the week before the big earthquake, and they flew out just hours before the earthquake hit – leaving behind their head disaster coordinator…

FEMA In Christchurch At Time Of Earthquake – Using Natural Disasters To Bring In A Police State?

Was the Christchurch earthquake a terrible natural disaster, or was it a terrible MAN MADE disaster?

If this all sounds unbelievable to you – you probably need to do some research on “HAARP” the radio wave technology being used to influence weather, storms and some say even earthquakes world wide – and nothing new, Tesla was using similar technology last century.

HAARP: Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Mind Control

Trans Tasman resubmits ironsands proposal  – more on ‘Disaster Capitalism’ below….

Others have picked up on the Clinton emails and the quake:




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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Emails Show Advanced Warning of Christchurch Earthquake”

  1. Fuck Clintons emails – here’s the real proof.
    source link is http://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/chistcurch-earthquake-on-cue-they-knew-it-was-coming-and-this-gns

    Peter Drews breakdown:

    Reply by Peter Drew
    This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing Martin. Having quickly read this research paper my ‘lay man’s’ summary of this research paper is as follows; All earthquakes have a link with a disturbance of the local ionosphere. For most earthquakes this ionospheric disturbance is caused through natural causes related to the sun. However for some earthquakes, they are linked to a different type of ionospheric disturbance which these researchers are unable to explain. The list of earthquakes with this unexplained ionospheric disturbance includes the Christchurch earthquake. I wouldn’t mind betting that the Haiti earthquake shows the same ionosperic disturbance. And the same FEMA officials just happened to be on site at both quakes, and of course there are the strong links of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. I would love to see the ionosphere chart for Haiti and compare it to Christchurch.


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