Judge Philippa Cunningham Enforcing Sharia Law in NZ ?

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Looks like judge Philippa Cunningham has been at it again…..this time seemingly trying to enforce Sharia Law in the Auckland courts by letting a man who allegedly attacked one of his wives with a hammer off all charges without a conviction.


Having more than one wife is actually illegal in NZ, as is beating your partner with a hammer, but its not as if Judge Cunninghman is there to enforce the law or anything.

Islam and Sharia Law appear to be being actively promoted by the esoteric/ Saturnian judiciaries across the West these days, with some claiming they are tasked with bringing in their ‘New World Order’ and new Abrahamic  religion for the masses for this ‘new age’ – that being Islam and its associated Sharia Law. Some  experts argue this is on the instruction of their NWO masters at the  Israeli Supreme Court . Theories worth being aware of perhaps.

The black robed judiciary, bibles in hand, seem to be actively destroying faith in our legal systems and laws, as they promote Sharia Laws, sexual abuse and domestic violence instead – and all with our funding and ‘democratic’ support.

More links below on the long track record of this NZ judge and her work apparently promoting violence, sexual abuse and crime in NZ, all while posing as ‘justice’ and ‘honor’. When helpless judges refuse to convict criminals, its sends a loud and clear message to others that they can do the same. We pay these supposed public servants to be a deterrent to crime – not to encourage it.

Judge Cunningham sparked public outcry and calls for her removal when, in February 2010, she aborted a rape trial to go on holiday to Australia, resulting in the 50-year old complainant having to give evidence twice”
In 2011, public concern was again expressed when Judge Cunningham discharged without conviction a comedian who admitted performing an indecent act on his four-year old daughter.”

Protecting Drink Drivers & Thieves based on who their parents are:

Judge Cunningham again triggered more outrage the other day when – in what former Maori Affairs minister Dover Samuels described as cultural hypnosis – she discharged without conviction, but with conditions, a son of Maori king Tuheitia Paki.

Korotangi Paki, the 19-year old second son of the Maori king, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary, theft and driving while seven times over the legal alcohol limit for his age.

Protecting a man who robbed and beat up an 82 year old woman:
In May 2013 the Court of Appeal slaughtered Judge Cunningham’s error-strewn sentencing of Darren Murphy Fidow, a burglaring thug she let off with home detention after he attacked and robbed an 82-year old woman while on bail for other offending.

Protecting more pedophiles:

Giving permanent name supression to a collector of child abuse material avoids shaming the offender and when accompanied by home detention gives the offender freedom to continue with his deviant pastime

Protecting more pedophiles:

Judge with a history of weak sentences soft on global child rape trade

A group that has spent years campaigning for tougher penalties for those who fuel the global child rape trade has condemned what it describes as “another shocking” decision.

In the Auckland District Court, Judge Philippa Cunningham today declined to imprison a 50-year-old Auckland “professional”, despite him being caught with 6063 videos and still images of child sex abuse material.

Protecting more pedophiles:

An Auckland professional caught with thousands of images of child sex abuse has escaped a jail sentence after threatening suicide.

The 50-year-old man also received permanent name suppression after appearing for sentencing at the Auckland District Court on Wednesday, the orders so far ranging that the nature of his work also cannot be revealed.

Despite counsel for the Department of Internal Affairs asking for a jail sentence to reflect the seriousness of the offence and its aggravating features, Judge Philippa Cunningham took seriously the man’s threats in recent weeks to commit suicide.

Calls for pedophile protector Judge Philippa Cunningham to resign:


Appeal Court corrects Judge Cunningham’s multiple ‘errors’

Open Letter to Judge Philippa Cunningham

Judge Philippa Cunningham

Auckland District Court
Fax 09 916 9611

Dear Judge Cunningham,

I am writing to express my dismay and disquiet at your ruling last week.

My heart goes out to the partner and mother who did what we would all hope and expect a mother to do.


Judge Philippa Cunningham supports child abuse.

“This mad judge should be in the dock for sentencing. What the hell was the mad —– thinking. Why the taxpayer pay these deluded creeps is beyond my comprehension?!”

Discharge without conviction ‘plainly wrong’

Judge soft on global child rape trade – Stop Demand

Facebook : Judge Philippa Cunningham should be banned

Judge Philippa Cunningham of New Zealand; arrogant loser


Judge soft on global child rape trade – Stop Demand

Not very often we would be quoting Murdoch’s Fox News- but every now and again one of their presenters speaks out…calls a spade a spade, and is usually then ‘retired’.

More on the esoteric blacked robed priests of Bail/ Baal….


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