Does John Key run the NZ Meth Trade?

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Meth has never been so big in New Zealand, and John Key is the man pretending to lead the Country – so this seems like a fair question in our view – Does John Key run the NZ meth industry?


Lets look at the evidence:

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New Zealand now has one of the highest meth usage rates in the World.

Obviously meth was introduced here prior to the bankers putting their puppet John Key in power, but it has grown and grown under the John Key regime, presumably because the John Key regime wants it that way.

New Zealand has very easy borders to protect, being a small island Nation. There is no cocaine flooding the streets of NZ, because the shadow Government/ bankers do not want cocaine flooding the streets. Same goes for ecstasy and other drugs, if the shadow government do not want it here, it is policed and kept out. They even do a pretty good job policing marijuana, a weed that can be grown in the backyard, investing 10’s of millions each year in  helicopters and police pulling out those plants Nationwide. Somehow though they just can’t seem to be able to keep out the meth, or the precursors to make meth. Strange isn’t it?

Meth is obviously a huge business, not just in the estimated $50 million each week generated in cash sales, but it also creates a huge state / Crown run business in terms of policing, mental health, WINZ (the government’s biggest business), courts and jails. An estimated $900 million generated in government ‘services’ every year as a direct result of the meth trade – that’s your tax money being wasted simply so the Crown Inc can keep all of their judges, police and WINZ staff employed. The socialist /communist State Army. Not to mention the insurance companies who make a killing off the burglaries via ever increasing premiums.

Its big big business, and the last thing the Crown wants, is for it to end. Indeed, without their self imposed meth industry, we would barely need their police state apparatus at all.

In recent years the government of John Key, along with all the other puppet Banker installed regimes controlling the Western World, have implemented sweeping new spy laws which gives them the ‘right’ to spy on their own citizens. Cell phone towers in every neighborhood pick up all text messages and cell phone calls made in that region, and the police & GCSB now have software which can go through and pick up any keywords they plug into the system eg) meth, bag, hundy bag, point, puff, fire, burn, pipe, gram etc etc. Not to mention the ability to categorize and identify those who regularly send strange text messages all night – another indication of possible meth dealers. Yet with all of those new spy laws and technology, the Government can’t seem to get the problem under control. Ridiculous isn’t it.  They could be doing huge busts everyday with that technology and quickly clean up every major dealer in every town – but they clearly choose not to. Because business is good!

So clearly the state is allowing the meth trade in NZ – if not directly encouraging it via their WINZ payments and by allowing the same dairies Nationwide to sell the glass pipes for the past 15 + years – but that alone is not evidence that John Key runs the meth trade. So is there any real evidence of this? The Government clearly allows the meth trade, but could John Key be the man actually running it?

Numerous stories have made it clear that the Auckland Casino is a central hub for meth trafficking and money laundering – the Casino being one of John Key’s favorite projects, giving them tax cuts, funding and special grants to build bigger and bigger. Key is also a regular to the place, where many of NZ’s biggest meth lords gather to buy and sell and launder their profits. Many of these meth lords are Chinese of course, and we all know John Key does a lot of business with the Chinese, selling us out to them each week. We also see wealthy Chinese ‘businessmen’ paying off and bribing our pathetic corrupt Justice system these days ( )

Still- that is not hard evidence that John Key is running the meth trade in NZ. Lets look at more evidence.

The posts below came from a Facebook thread doing the rounds the other week (source withheld for obvious reasons- these bastards are very dangerous people)

“METH in New Zealand all the meth leaders who have gangs underneath are meeting in the elite VIP sky casino room like citizen tan in yesterday’s herald 11/20 of China’s most wanted are now in New Zealand like citizen tan. Shun Key knows they are here because they pay $ to meet him and approve their visas. Shun Key knows what they are doing also. You can’t tell me Shun Key didn’t know Dotcom existed. Why is shun key protecting Chinese meth leaders ? The bust on northland beach was sacrificed to get people off what is really happening with meth and Chinese in VIP room at casino”

“Again Auckland VIP casino room is potentially the most powerful meeting room in the country because they own MPs politicians and control Chinese policy by buying national party ! So the national party not winston in my opinion set that meth bust up to get heat off with meth because you have to show the media some wins now and then Correct ?”

“I don’t trust anything re Key – he knows about the Auckland vip casino – he knows about citizen bill spending $128m at casino in a year he could have shut him down and sent him to China then for extradition why didn’t he ? Because the govt is in bed with these meth pushers at VIP casino somehow. A lot of them are China’s fugitives committing money fraud and cleaning their dirty money here in Housing and meth ! Two very very profitably industries monopolized by these wealthy Chinese fugitives who use front men trusts etc and they are controlling it all, while the national government protect them and even represent them in the media. “

So that blogger seems pretty sure John Key is in with the Chinese meth gangs. Still- no hard evidence of such.

The record bust of meth in Northland mentioned in the above posts seemed to go nowhere didn’t it? There was talk of a few arrests, then no court trial we have heard of. If the police were doing their jobs they should have been able to clean up the whole ring, but don’t think they did. Someone also reported that one of the cars pulled up during that accidental bust was registered to the Masala restaurant chain. Winston Peters is apparently a good mate of many of those Indian businessmen, who are also famous for running visa and illegal worker scams. Perhaps the Indians are into the meth business also? Seems everyone is really. Also interesting Winston Peters never mentioned NZ’s largest meth haul in his own electorate (having taken over post Mike Sabin). Perhaps Northland is the main gateway for the meth trade, and the bankers just put Winston in there to keep things going? Certainly strange he never mentioned it. Perhaps someone should have searched Winston’s boat also?

And let’s not forget the previous top cop in Northland, Michael Blowers – in charge of the region’s “organised crime unit” lol – who stole millions of dollars of meth from a police evidence room and tried to sell it. What a bloody joke.

Presumably the latest record haul will also find its way onto the streets of NZ, with the help of more corrupt cops.

In fact there have been numerous NZ police busted both taking and selling meth – even police prosecutors working straight out of the court rooms – …..

And top lawyers:

It seems fairly clear that meth is here because the establishment is hooked on it – possibly both the money and the actual drug.

And what about Mike Sabin ?- Mike Sabin was the Government’s lead man in the “war on meth” via MethCon a government subsidized company. Probably no accident they called it “Meth Con” in our view. Sabin was also chairman of the government’s powerful “Law and Order Select Committee” which meets with police each month to discuss problems and strategy. He then went on to become the National MP for Northland but suddenly stepped down under a cloud of allegations and court appearances, all the details of which were suppressed. There was then a secret trial, more name suppression and eventually a promotion to a job running an International/ luxury gold course in the Far North, for a Chinese company. The judiciary, media and government all did a stellar job keeping that whole story suppressed. Still – no hard evidence linking Mike Sabin to John Key and the meth trade. Just speculation and name suppression really.

Oddly enough, it was NZ author Greg Hallett who first said the NZ police and judiciary run the meth trade in NZ. This was before John Key came along, so perhaps it is possible that Key just took over the management of the meth trade from ‘Hellin’ Clark (another criminal posing as a leader)?…Lets look at that video…

Greg Hallett has also claimed online that Winston Peter’s was involved with the real Mr Asia – that being Peter Williams QC. No mention of Winston or John Key and the meth trade above though.

Interesting to see Hallett calling out John Banks however – most Kiwis would agree he is highly suspicious, and protected by the system. As are most of the Mayors it seems. Len Brown is a well known sexual deviant and liar, and the new Mayor the media seem to have preordained for Auckland (Phil Goff) also appears to have family ties to the A Class drugs scene (

The establishment is clearly run by compromised psychopaths but no hard evidence that it is John Key running it all.

Having said that – it is impossible to think that John Key doesn’t know how the trade works and who is running it. Perhaps he even smokes it himself? His son Max Key has lost enough weight to be on meth, and his favorite DJ track is called “Cut me another line” (by his own admission) – obviously a fan of A Class drugs, pushing them in his DJ’ing.

Our conclusion is that there is reasonable grounds to suspect John Key is very close to the meth trade and meth traffickers operating in NZ – giving them a free pass to operate here and destroy our communities and Kiwi lives, because it is all just good business at the end of the day – for foreign bankers that is and their Global Corporate / Fascist government plans.

But we have no direct evidence yet that John Key is actually running the whole business.

As the official man pretending to run the Country however – he must certainly take full responsibility. If he were CEO with Kiwis as the shareholder, he would have been fired long ago, if not made to stand trial.


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Sarah Higgins John Key
Sarah Higgins John Key

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John Key Stephanie Key
John Key Stephanie Key


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