Kim Hill Threatens Assassination of Donald Trump


(Featured ImageKim Hill – from massage palour employee to ‘journalist’ – the living definition of a media whore)

NZ Government funded  ‘journalist’ Kim Hill threatened assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump last Tuesday morning on her state funded Radio NZ morning news show (at 6.27am) – she is apparently standing in all week for some other state funded idiot.

Kim Hill – who recently admitted she started her career working in a massage parlour (Media Whore par excellence) – was interviewing an American political correspondent on the upcoming US election and asked a question along the lines of “If Trump wins will he actually become president”. The respondent replied “Unless he is killed or dies” to which twisted old bag Kim Hill replied “I’m sure that could be arranged” – a direct reference to an arranged assassination and a clear display of a NZ government news anchor’s respect for the democratic process.

Kim Hill has of course helped cover up the 911 attacks and the staged war on terror since 2001, playing her part in the genocide of over 4 million people across the Middle East in the past 15 years – arguably giving her certified war criminal status along with most of NZ’s corrupt corporate media. And now this revolting old masseuse turned ‘journalist’ is actually threatening assassination of a US president. Off the charts.

The mental illness of these ‘liberal’ war criminals and professional bullshit artists has reached biblical levels and because they are continuously protected by our corrupt corporate Fourth Reich ‘liberal’ government and their global corporate sponsors, their illness just seems to be getting worse.

These people that pose as ‘journalists’ in NZ are supposed to be held to a standard of impartiality – now we see they have become so one eyed and disturbed that they are actually threatening assassination of world leaders, even on state funded morning radio ‘news’.

They have lost their minds.

Kim Hill and the other creepy fascists that pose as ‘liberals’ at state funded Radio NZ have of course also failed to cover the multiple Bill Clinton rape allegations and out of court settlements that have been circulating for many years, and Bill Clinton’s close relationship with convicted pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein, not to mention Bill Clinton’s illegitimate black son (whom he continues to ignore), as well as Hillary Clinton’s laughing about getting a pedophile off serious charges, all while promoting Hillary Clinton as some kind of ‘liberal’ beacon of ‘women’s rights’. These people are certifiable.

These revolting media whores at state funded Radio NZ show themselves to be no better than the Clintons by failing to report on their long trail of murders, rapes and other crimes. If Radio New Zealand are actively covering up pedophilia, murders and rape, perhaps it is safe to assume that they are no better themselves? Media Whores is well aware of the pedophiles they also protect in the New Zealand government.

More on the corporate fascists that have taken over NZ’s government, media and justice system by posing as ‘intellectuals’ and ‘liberals’ …..

In the interests of our own journalistic impartiality – Donald Trump would not likely be much better than the Clinton pervert mafia……





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