Roger Douglas Suggests John Key & Bill English Should Be Jailed For Fraud


[Featured image – Roger Douglas – ODT – fair use)

Ex NZ Finance Minister Roger Douglas has been on Newstalk ZB twice in the past 2 weeks claiming that the surplus announced by Bill English and John Key is based on massive accounting fraud that would land anyone in the private sector in jail if they used the same ‘methods’.

Many people would argue that Douglas – the man who sold us all the “trickle down economics” lie – should also get to see out his days in a small Serco jail cell…with compulsory fight clubs – but in the meantime it is good to see him speaking out against the latest bunch of foreign bank criminals engaged in massive theft & fraud from Kiwis.

Douglas argued in two phone calls to Newstalk ZB (one with Larry Williams on the 14th Nov, and another today with Leighton Smith) that what Bill English and John Key are claiming is a $1billion surplus, would actually be roughly a $10 billion deficit if they used the proper accrual accounting methods for superannuation expenses. He went on to say that if anyone in the private sector used the methods employed by Bill English and the John Key government, that they would almost certainly find themselves in jail for massive accounting fraud. We live in hope.

Good on the old codger for speaking out, but we think most Kiwis would agree that Douglas should be in line for arrest, trial and jail also – along with the vast majority of these foreign banker / neocon puppets of the past 30+ years who have all sold us out to global corporate government.

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