Is Tim Wilson Covering Up Child Abuse Rings? #PizzaGate


Featured Image – NZ ‘journalist’ Tim Wilson, pushed the “fake news” narrative to help cover up the Pizza Gate alleged  ‘Elite’ child abuse ring….

[Note – accurate view counter at bottom of page- the top one resets downwards every few minutes – seems the spies wish to ‘protect’ Tim Wilson also]


Media Whores noticed Tim Wilson pushing the “fake news” narrative as the Pizza Gate Scandal broke in the USA – exposing how many Washington ‘elites’ allegedly use “Pizza” code language to discuss their child sex abuse exploits.

Given Tim Wilson seems to be part of the cover up, having discredited the story as “fake news” before it was even investigated., we thought we would document the allegations here and let readers decide what sort of person, or ‘professional’ Tim Wilson is…..

No word yet from Tim Wilson on calls for an inquiry into New Zealand Government pedophilia and child abuse. This despite the fact that Tim Wilson has his own children.

And no word from Tim Wilson on the Justin Davis Files which expose the ‘elite’ child abuse rings that operate across the top levels of NZ society and communities.

One wonders if Tim Wilson has read this piece ? And remained silent.

New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed…

We actually heard Tim Wilson cut off a caller today on Newstalk ZB who was putting down John ‘the King of Pizza’ Key – Key was massively protected by these people in media.

Apparently child abuse and pedophilia is not a big concern to Tim Wilson – or could it be that part of his job is to help cover up such allegations? Or could it be even worse than that?

Its a big old secret club after all.

If Tim Wilson – who comes from a church minister background, like so many of these creeps – has covered up Israeli’s involvement in 911 and the genocide of 4 million people in the Middle east since – what else do you think he might be into?



Image – fun loving non threatening Media Whore Jimmy Savile – the public have seen just how bad things can get when the media they rely on are covering up ‘elite’ child sex abuse.Thus the importance of speaking out. 


Westminster Pedophile Elite- and how the media covered it up:




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