The John Key Holocaust Rolls On – Covering up the Murder of 29 Men at Pike River


[Featured image – Gary Knowles of the NZ Police and Peter Whittall – covering up the occult/ Masonic mass murder of 29 Kiwi men at Pike River – with your tax funding]

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That is essentially the allegation from Queen’s Counsel Nigel Hampton – that the Pike River Mine is in fact NZ’s “largest homicide scene”, so by definition the NZ Government and NZ Police are actively engaged in the cover up of the mass murder of 29 Kiwi men at the West Coast / Greymouth mine.

QC describes Pike River mine as a ‘homicide scene’

Those who have followed the story will be aware of the chain of events that led up the explosion and killing of the 29 men at Pike River. From Labour Party forced changes to mine health and safety rules through to National Party policies that seemed to ‘seal’ the deal. Another fine example of how the puppet politicians all carry out the same agenda of the fascist foreign bankers and their esoteric/ satanic judiciary who run the evil Masonic world government agenda in NZ.

Media Whores refers readers to the article below for more details on how the NZ Government staged this occult/ masonic murder – most likely done as part of their ongoing war against the NZ regions in the name of the Rockefeller and Rothschild owned United Nation’s “Agenda 21” – the goal to force the entire World’s population into ‘smart cities’ where they can be tagged, tracked and taxed more easily via the new digital control grid. Not least by shutting down the coal industry and any other industry which gives people easy access to cheap heating and producing their own food.

What is clear to us at Media Whores, is that the NZ Police and the Juhn Key foreign banker / fascist regime are now racing as fast as they can to seal the mine before the mass murder and cover up can be exposed.

This is a new low for NZ – as the chemically dumbed down populace, traumatized by communist level taxes, laws and rules and distracted with the 24 hour stream of mind control bullshit on their Sky (Heaven) TV ‘programming’ as well as the artificial wealth being generated via their house prices – stand by and watch the fascist/ murderous / satanic  NZ Government and tax payer funded police cover up the murder of 29 of their fellow Kiwis. The Zombie Apocalypse is well and truly upon us.

29 men who now join the long list of unexplained and otherwise avoidable deaths that have occurred under what we refer to as the John Key Holocaust / Holy-cause, playing out in our once peaceful Nation. The Holy Cause for their satanic ‘God’ and his corporate ‘Profit’.

And of course – NZ’s filthy corrupt judiciary appear to be  controlling the whole agenda – as they do with every other satanic agenda we witness. “Court declines Pike River families’ review bid”

“The incestuous collusion between corrupt fascist, international corporations, banks, global mining companies and compliant politicians – and how the inexorable love of money by those who run them supersedes everything else”

“What was the real truth behind the Pike River coal mine disaster in NZ killing 29 men? Was the tragedy simply an ‘accident’ or was it premeditated murder? Involving people at the highest level of the NZ Government and international business and banking community? Does this case have implications for the world?”
Dr Jacob Cohen

Murder at Pike River Mine

Are the judiciary a satanic world wide shadow government mafia in charge of pedophile rings, occult murders and drug trafficking?

Is the entire western world under attack by a satanic pedophile mafia posing as government and  “justice” ?


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