A Nation Breathes a Sigh of Relief as its Filthy Lying PM Resigns – the John Key Holocaust is Over !!


[Featured image – Toothfish.org – John Key – the foreign bank fascist has resigned!]

A Nation exhaled a huge sigh of relief yesterday as one of the most dishonest, lying Prime Ministers ever forced upon us by the foreign bankers exited stage left.

Social media is of course alive with speculation as to why our third Jewish Prime Minister, fascist and foreign bank hitman, John Key has resigned – was it the numerous pedophile scandals? The cover up of mass murder at Pike River? The sudden death of his girlfriend Sarah Higgins? The cover up of the bribery of Saudi Businessmen for his handlers? The massive accounting fraud involved in the recent “surplus” which Roger Douglas claims should be a $10 billion deficit? His Housing Minister fighting child abuse ring allegations? The evidence of advanced knowledge of all of the earthquakes that are enriching the Chief Justice and her husband Hugh Fletcher? Or perhaps even karma catching up on the lying little rat on the deaths and suicides of hundreds of young Kiwis due to his ‘legal’ highs? Or the hundreds of Kiwi farmers who have had to sell up or even committed suicide under the fascist Fonterra/ Foreign Bank debt scams. Or the karma of the meth industry he has clearly allowed to thrive using his casino and Chinese mafia partners? The karma of the 10’s of thousands of young Kiwis this rat has forced out of the housing market? Or the 10’s of thousands of young Kiwis this rat has forced into zero hour contracts and hopeless minimum wage jobs for his foreign corporate handlers? Or perhaps the ghosts of the dead bodies showing up in the Waikato river almost every week these days? Or the ghosts of the new homeless who froze to death on the streets over winter? Or possibly something more sinister, like his perverted little son coming up on charges and name suppression for his recent public sexual harassment perhaps? Or maybe there are just no more little girls ponytails left to fondle without too much publicity? Nothing would surprise us here at Media Whores.

Maybe more information will come to light – but in the meantime, a Nation breathes a sigh of relief as it rids itself of this lying little rat.

The battle will go on however as the foreign bankers will seek to replace one lying rat with a new lying rat who will also be loyal to the Israeli agenda of bankrupting and destroying the West for their digital New World Order run from the Middle East. Our young men will continue to be lied to about 911 and sent to the Middle East to carry out genocide for the fake ‘God’ of the fake  ‘Chosen People’. The accounting fraud will continue on pensions as these rats who are bribed into posing as ‘leaders’ march on for the foreign banker globalist agenda. The unrestrained immigration fraud – an open door policy which has never been voted on (fascism) – will continue, forcing long suffering Kiwi workers to fund billions in extra welfare spending for new arrivals we don’t even need, creating housing, roading and health industry problems.

The John Key Foreign Bank Holocaust is over for now – with thousands of dead Kiwis left in his wake – all painted up and disguised as “economic policy” under a fake fraudulent / privately owned banking system which counterfeits money on computer screens and lends it out as debt with interest, choosing winners and creating rampant inflation and artificial shortages, causing unnecessary pain, suffering and death for the bankers’ ‘Holy-Cause’ and eugenics based social engineering.

The dishonest little rat has now left the Nation around $130 billion in extra debt to the foreign banks he works for – all of it counterfeit money printed out of thin air – and most of it money the rat is alleged to have profited from via his shares in Bank of America. Kiwis will be paying the interest on this odious debt for generations, despite it being counterfeit / stolen / inflationary money.

The battle will go on as NZ and the west fights for their democracies against the globalist / fascist foreign bankers who are intent on destroying our once great Nations as they cement their new military and digital power base in the Middle East- but today and this week, a Nation of good Kiwis breath a large collective sigh of relief as one of the most corrupt, dishonest bastards ever to be forced upon us exits stage left.


Good riddance John Key – you low life.

The lying rat will now run off and enjoy the fruits of the money he has earned through his “secret” trusts from helping bankrupt and cripple our Nation, but we live in hope that we will one day see you prosecuted for your treason, war crimes, theft, and mass murder of Kiwis under your Holocaust in NZ.

And the public can be assured that all of the brainwashed and evil twits that are now singing his praises across media and pedotricks are a part of the same private little perverted club of bankers and their artificial money supply. Killing their fellow human beings in their soulless pursuit of selfish material gain.

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They lie and they deceive for their ‘God’ $$$$ – the Profit. And the corruption and fraud appears to have reached damn near Biblical levels   http://biblehub.com/revelation/3-9.htm

John Key is a treasonous war criminal in our view and an insult to real Jews around the Planet –  all 12 Tribes, Aeries through Pisces




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