John Key and the mysterious death of Sarah Higgins


Sarah Higgins was an attractive young Auckland professional and a member of the Young Nats – a training camp for young Nazional Socialists.

Media reported that she had died in unexplained circumstances in late August

John Key was often photographed close up and smiling with the attractive woman

John Key - Sarah Higgins
John Key – Sarah Higgins


On the morning after she passed away – a rather stressed looking John Key had his son Max Key film him cleaning cars “at home” and put the video online – only the second time he has shared a home video with the public since taking office….

So clearly John Key had an alibi and had nothing to do with her death…….. Nothing to see here.

Sarah Higgins was a “Young Nat” – as mentioned above. Below is a transcript from the Dirty Politics book showing how the Young Nats treat young women:

Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:01am

i wasnt going to say that in case your email gets read


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:02am

my email doesn’t get read


Apparently Pinko is the main driving force behind the Princess party


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

well i was going to say i have cleared the field for you, given you the most likely targets and will get them drunk for you


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:03am

he has invited [REDACTED] to it and to the one the next night


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

righto, good cleint recruitment

he asked if he can bring neil miller, which i said yes to


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:04am

she likes threesomes so it could be promising for her and a young nat


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:05am

i’d try [REDACTED] she is filthy

not many young nats coming, i told jordan i didnt want them because they are retards


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:05am

just dirty girls who flip it up


Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:06am

thats the plan, and i have carefully kept the balance of princesses to guys uneven

make sure [REDACTED] knows not to come without a full princess outfit and a bottle of bubbly


Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:08am

i better go book a fucking moneky suit


Here is a photo of the man referred to as “Pinko” above – John Key’s media man  – David Farrar – dressed up as serial pedophile & necrophiliac Jimmy Savile:

David-Farrar– ‘Pinko’ – from “Kiwi Blog” – dressed as serial pedophile and necrophiliac, Jimmy-Savile


These are the types of people that Sarah Higgins was unfortunately associating with.

And yet not one NZ journalist has thought to ask John Key for comment on her death, or perhaps even where he was and what he was doing on the night she passed away.



In other news- Stephanie Key’s ‘Art’ 

Stephie Key Art
Stephie Key Art – Source – was she trying to tell us something?


John Key Pony Tail
John Key’s fetish for little girls’ ponytails is world famous.


John Key - Amanda Bailey
John Key – Amanda Bailey – as is his sexual harassment of his local cafe worker.


Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that any of these Zionist pedophilia enthusiasts  had a direct hand in the death of Sarah Higgins. That can be left up to the reader to decide. We do however think it is fairly obvious to assume they must have had at least an indirect effect on her mental health. And these are the sort of questions the media should of course be asking. 


The large Corporations are your Government – and this is the standard of people they hire, bribe and control into selling you out and stealing everything from you, ‘elitecon’ after elitecon.


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