Is Alleged Pedophile Minder Matthew Hooton Covering Up Child Abuse Rings?


Featured Image Matthew Hooton, Zionist bag boy. Admits that he ‘pimped out’ his own daughter to the National Party for “photographs”. Children and politicians- not a good mix.

[Note – accurate view counter at bottom of article, the top view counter is hacked by the Israeli spies who bribe and control NZ’s ‘democracy’ – actually a Rothschild pimpocracy , apparently run by bribed pedophiles].

Matthew Hooton is another Media Whore and politrician who has been notified of the Justin Davis Files and has appeared to do nothing ie) helped cover it up?

Matthew Hooton is apparently not concerned that we appear to have gangs of powerful pedophiles operating in New Zealand who are allegedly drugging and raping children up and down our Nation on a regular and systematic basis.

Could it be because the Justin Davis Files name his friend and colleague Nick Smith MP?

Could it be because the files name Dan Dolejs, the National Party Chairman for Nelson?

If there is not a legal obligation for Matthew Hooton to report allegations or suspicions of mass child sex abuse in New Zealand, is there not a moral obligation to do so? And if so, why hasn’t he?

Such is the state we are in these days in the once proud New Zealand .

Are they all cut from the same cloth?

If we were in charge – we would probably send Child Youth and Family into the Hooton home to investigate how much money (if any) Matthew Hooton received for supplying his daughter to these creeps at the National Party for ‘photos’. There is documented evidence of these Zionist politicians pimping out their children for power and promotion – watch Zionist pedophile Joe Biden do it here.

Matthew Hooton has also helped cover up Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks and the genocide of 4 million people across the Middle East in illegal wars since – giving him in our opinion, certified war criminal status. In fact he is on air on Newstalk ZB as we type this, defending Israel, covering up the holy-hoax, 911 and the genocide of 4 million people.

Pedophilia, genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes. So it should come as no surprise to Kiwis that Matthew Hooton used the Christchurch Earthquakes to stuff his own pockets in legally questionable ways, while other Kiwis suffered through homelessness and various other distress. Matthew Hooton is another prime candidate for rounding up and labour camp detainment until he can be put on trial for any possible involvement in the ‘elite’ pedophile rings he appears to be helping cover up, as well as any role or support for the war crimes of Israel and their various puppets in the latest Middle East Holy-cause.

This is apparently the standard of people we have posing as leadership in New Zealand. Alleged pedophilia cover ups and fake cover for Israeli terrorism and war crimes. Common themes. In fact he just said “Israel is the only fair democracy in the Middle East that treats all people equally” lmfao – what a filthy liar, Israel is an apartheid state where it is pretty much illegal for Jews to marry non Jews, and compulsory sterilization for black Jews. Also going on about the Holyhoax – the now debunked story of “6 million” Jews being gassed in wwii – giving the criminals the cover they wanted to rape and pillage the world ever since.

Its high time New Zealand salvaged some pride and rounded up these Zionist liars, deceivers & alleged pedophile minders like Matthew Hooton.

Is it compulsory to pimp out your children to climb the Zionist political ladder?

Matthew Hooton is also known to give fake cover to alleged cross dressing pedophile and drug trafficker, John Banks…..again showing his true colours?




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