Is Mitch Harris a ‘Satanist’ ?


Featured – Mitch Harris, pushes every ‘satanic’ agenda out there.

Note- watch the ‘views’ on this article get reset downwards every 5 minutes or so- the pedophiles that run your government are openly censoring information and real investigative journalism from you – with your tax money. If they are so keen to protect Mitch Harris, by breaking the law, what does that tell you? Accurate views at bottom of article.


Mitch Harris is has been ‘passed around’ various media outlets in New Zealand – he is one of the most reliable media whores for pushing all of the ‘satanic’ agendas we see being rolled out across the West. This freak moves seamlessly between Radio Live/ Evil/ 666 and state funded Radio NZ – as they all push the same satanic crap and all protect the alleged pedophiles who pose as MP’s and government in New Zealand.

Mitch has been alerted to the Justin Davis Files many times, the pdf document from child abuse whistle blower Justin Davis, exposing the powerful ‘elite’ child abuse rings that operate in New Zealand – he has ignored them to the best of our knowledge. The public should be horrified to think we have people posing as ‘journalists’ and a voice of the people, who are helping cover up these allegations – if that is the case.

He pushes the ‘man made climate change’ hoax like no other – often quoted as saying we are all going to die as a result, spreading fear and panic among the Nation – the primary purpose.

We have heard him spend hours of his ‘programs’ on how evil and violent men are – another big agenda being pushed by the  Government – the biggest pedophile and child abuse ring in Aotearoa’s history. The goal of the pedophiles who pose as Government and Justice in New Zealand is to remove the fathers from as many families as possible, as this will give them better access to children. And Mitch Harris is one of the biggest salesmen of this ‘satanic’ agenda in our opinion.

You name the perverted / anti human agenda  and rest assured this freak,  Mitch Harris will be on air pushing it.

We have heard him go on about how all humans are the problem and that we are all doomed and all deserve to die – even to save the environment. This is all pure UN ‘satanic’ programming and Mitch is at the forefront of it.

He has also talked a lot about his childhood growing up in a strict religious/ church background- we all know well about some of these people and families and the hell they have put their children through. This could help explain the degree of ‘satanism’ we see Mitch Harris espousing every time he gets on the airwaves (speculation).

Probably pushed the “fake news” narrative to help cover up the Pizza Gate political / satanic child sex abuse political ring more than any other NZ media whore and we haven’t heard him comment on calls for an inquiry into state child abuse. Doubt he is very keen on that one.

The man is a total freak in our view – and a prime candidate for trial, labour camp internment and asset seizure (if found guilty of treason).

But readers can make up their own minds.

The Pizza Gate scandal :

More on the people and agendas’ Mitch Harris has been recruited to protect and promote:


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