Has John Key been Implicated in the #PizzaGate Child Sex Trafficking Ring?


[Featured image- John Key meets the pizza boy at the ‘gate’ to his Parnell mansion – sauce]

It has been revealed recently that John Key pledged $13.7 million of New Zealand tax payer’s money to the Clinton Foundation – with $7.7 million of the money already paid.

As John Key stood down last week, the #PizzaGate scandal was breaking across the US – based on leaked Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails (her election campaign chairman) , the scandal appears to detail how the ‘elites’ of Washington DC use coded language involving “Pizza” to apparently discuss and organise child abuse events & child trafficking. There are apparently various terms relating to pizza used as code for the child abuse practices.


FBI pedo code language – source

#PizzaGate #PizzaGateNZ? The alleged coded “pizza” language used by these alleged global satanic child abusers detailed below:


Image- NZ’s own Hell Pizza – with its ‘all seeing eye’ symbol- same as the symbolism used in the Pizza Gate scandal – just coincidence?

The political establishment and the mainstream media that protects them were quick to denounce the scandal as “fake news” and even Wikipedia named it a “debunked conspiracy theory” within days, before it had even been investigated. How does the corporate media debunk hundreds of pages of emails and the associated allegations before they have even been investigated?

Anyone who has read the emails can see clearly there is cause for concern and the emails clearly do not relate to ‘pizza’. Not to mention Podesta’s penchant for ‘art’ depicting cannibalism. There has since been an avalanche of information on strange connections, weird symbolism and various other incriminating data on the Pizza Gate allegations. Part of those allegations are that the Clinton Foundation is a front for an  International child trafficking operation. Which apparently NZ, on the wishes of John Key ,is now helping to fund.


Image- Stephanie Key’s ‘Art’ just keeps getting worse – with commentators on her Instagram alleging she is a victim of an “elite grooming group…passed around government officials”.  – Source

The immediate denunciation of the evidence and entire scandal by the mainstream media before any investigation had even been announced, using their “fake news” counterintelligence phrase,  would suggest that many of these media front people could be part of the “club” also.

If we had real journalists in this Nation , they would probably be looking into the fact that John Key announced his resignation the very day after this scandal started to break.

The first thing we did was type “John Key” and “Pizza” into Google to see if there was any such strange encrypted messages. Below is what we found just on the first 2 pages of results:

John Key’s pizza party frenzy – National – NZ Herald News
“Mr Key ordered Meatlovers” – we bet he did.
John Key’s penchant for pizza struck with a vengeance over election weekend as he enjoyed slices twice in as many days. – New Zealand …
In Beijing, John Key becomes the Minister of Pizza
It was all cheese soon after Prime Minister John Key arrived in China and headed straight to open a pizza shop and launch a documentary.
Pizza delivery guy likes the taste of Keys 90day policy
“Sanjay Macherla” – we bet he did.
 There is a slice of John Key’s politics we had to have a nibble at today – the pizza delivery guy.
“A Twitter picture posted by TV3 political reporter Patrick Gower shows Key standing in the bus aisle with a box containing a half-eaten pizza – which again appears to be Meatlovers.”


Here are those FBI code words again:


Nothing to see here? Is it possible that some of the top brass in NZ media are also speaking in this coded child abuse language?

Some speculate that some of the children who survive this ‘satanic’ child abuse are then groomed and mind controlled into top positions of politics and media, under new assumed names. Katy Perry being one example, whom it is now widely speculated is in fact JonBenet Ramsey – the young child star who was said to have been murdered in her youth. There is more and more evidence that this global gang of satanic child traffickers kidnap children, sexually abuse them, sometimes give them new identities and they are then often promoted up through the ranks of media, entertainment and politricks. Pedophilia being the ‘Key’ that binds them. Oddly enough the new Deputy Prime Minister of NZ Paula Bennett has talked openly about the child sex abuse she suffered in her youth, but was unavailable for comment. It was Whale Oil that claimed i July 2014 that 5 sitting NZ MP’s have name suppression for child abuse. Is this how our entire system of government is run?


Image- the Key family pictured with alleged  Jewish child trafficking victim, Katy Perry/ JonBenet Ramsey

Interesting to note the name “Podesta” and the French owner of the Washington pizza place , his French name translates in English to “I love children”. Coded language and fake names seems to be the ‘Key’.  Al Gore’s man made climate change lie is a classic ‘allegory’ and one wonders if the Patsy is finally  Ready.

Perhaps someone should ask  Josh Kilimnik from Pizza Hut who commented in the Herald article on behalf of Key’s local store – anyone seen a last name like that anywhere? Kill a what?? Perhaps the authorities should be looking into some of  ‘Hell’ Pizza symbolism also?

Readers can decide for themselves.

We suggest readers also check out our recent article detailing the evidence of ‘elite’ organised child abuse rings in New Zealand . And a couple of related links below…

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We at Media Whores are not drawing any conclusions – we just pride ourselves on joining dots and then asking the questions that the mainstream media clearly should be.

 …More detail on Pizza Gate below…
 And some random media images of high profile media people in NZ….including those in the media who are so fast to label everything a “conspiracy theory”  or “fake news” – how many of NZ’s top media personalities are actively involved in covering up child sex trafficking and abuse in New Zealand and abroad?

Toby ‘Manhire’ and Toby Morris on “Fake news”  – Radio NZ – Pizza Gate child sex trafficking cover up ?

Lizzie ‘Marvelly’ : Fake news has lessons for us all _Herald

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More on how these satanic freaks kidnap, traffic and sexually abuse children for power and control….

More on the history of Satanic Ritualistic Child Abuse and Murder – is this what happens to some of the kids in NZ who go missing from Child Youth and Family?



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