The Magnum Opus – the Science of Light, the ‘New’ Age of Aquarius & ‘Climate Change’

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The  12 x 2000 and a bit year seasons of the Sun / Son of God/ Atom/ Adam / Atum / Amun / Amen (take your pick) that make up the Great Year.


Image – Long term history explained – and so called “Climate Change” – the seasons of the Sun. we are all “born in sin” – born on this sign wave. And rest assured when you ‘sign’ your fake corporate name to any document, you are ‘sinning’.

Humanity started entering the Age of Aquarius in the 1960’s – the Age of the Awakening – and a psychological, chemical and physical ‘war on tera’ / Earth has been waged against us ever since – to try and stop this awakening from happening.

The unofficial official date of the start of the new age, was of course the resignation of the fish head/ Pisces Pope and the ushering in of the new water bearer hat Pope. Oddly enough the same day that lightening / Zeus/ Jupiter / Juseus struck the Vatican. Jupiter/ Thor/ Zeus being the ruling planet of the Age of Pisces who has ruled for the past 2000+ years. As Above So Below.


Image – Pope’s have worn the Age of Pisces / Fish hat for the past 2000+ years, as well as 25,000+  years ago in the same age. The age of doubt and belief. If you check now, the new Pope wears a water bearer hat for the Age of Aquarius. The age of awakening and knowledge. As Above So Below.


Image – St Peter’s Square is of course also a giant Zodiacal Cross. Christians have been wearing the 12 signs of the Zodiac on their wrists for a hundred years and still haven’t figured it out. What time is it ? = What hour is it? = Where is Horus? All astrology.

The Aquarius zodiacal sign shows a man pouring water/ knowledge down onto Earth – the Great Flood if you will (purely allegorical – we hope).  Aquarius being an air sign, this has manifested itself ‘below’ as the wireless internet and full information now available to any household. If they care to open their eyes, look and learn. As Above So Below.


Human beings are aware that the Sun and Moon effects their moods and actions – but haven’t quite  figured out that all of the lights in the skies do the same.

Who will win the war on Earth/ Tera and rule over the new age of Aquarius?





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