Nick Smith MP Fights Child Abuse Ring Allegations…


Featured Image – Nick Smith MP – screwing the housing market and environment for NaZional for the past 8 years. How do they convince this creep to get up and lie to the Nation each day?

Media Whores can reveal that MP Nick Smith hired a Nelson lawyer this year to help battle child abuse ring allegations circulating online.

We think the original allegations came from the Justin Davis Files which names numerous high profile New Zealanders alleged to be involved in serial child sex abuse and ‘elite’ pedophile rings. The allegations about Nick Smith also include a man by the name of Dan Dolejs – the National Party Chairman for Nelson who often tows Smith’s caravan to the local market on Saturdays – we cannot confirm his degree of alleged involvement.

It was originally Whale Oil that claimed that “5 sitting MP’s” have name suppression for child abuse crimes.

We have no idea if Smith has name suppression – and it would be illegal to tell you if we did – but the fact he has hired a lawyer is not illegal to report on.

A simple drug test would probably determine whether any of the people Justin Davis names  had been using any of the date rape drugs allegedly used by these people.

Oh hang on – unless they gargle paint stripper :

Pedophilia is of course illegal also – but you wouldn’t think so with the current NZ judiciary.

The government are currently trying to fight off calls for an independent inquiry into their long history of state sponsored (and protected) pedophilia and child abuse – the reasons why should be clear to most sane people.

We have also seen recently NZ Judge Lowell Goddard seeming to fudge the ‘investigation’ into the Westminster pedophile ring scandal – where it is alleged over 100,000 children were raped and sometimes murdered by the political elites of England.

Any reasonable person would be suspicious that this is in fact how the system is run.

Cyril Smith is one infamous one in the UK – and untouchable.

In fact the “Smith” Family name is mentioned numerous times in the Justin Davis Files – with Justin alleging that the biggest warehouse of child abuse movies in NZ (they like to film their exploits these people) is based at a “Smith” family home in the Hawkes Bay.

And of course the infamous escaped pedo Phillip Smith has featured a lot in the news – John Key thought it was all very funny.

But we digress – in no way do we wish to imply that everyone with the last name Smith is implicated in such allegations and crimes- that would be a bit ridiculous.

Sharp eyes will also notice however that Nick Smith MP on the CIA run Wiki-pedia has no information on his family or family background at all, so if there were any such ties, they would be very hard to investigate anyway.


Image- ‘sharp eyes’ – reptilian/, draco inbreds are said to have the sharpest eyes, which shift / dilate on a regular basis. Just saying.

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