Bayleys Real Estate – Building an Apartheid New Zealand?


Featured Image – Bayleys’ new Israeli like Hexagon / “the Hex” symbolism. Are we building an Apartheid NZ? 

The Hexagon & Hexagram Symbolises the Planet Saturn/ Satan/ 666 in ancient mythology and astrotheology.


[Update 15-09-2016: Media Whores entire website taken down illegally by NZ hosting company, apparently on the orders of Bayleys Real Estate. WTF? – new offshore host in a Country which still has freedom of speech] 

[Update 16-09-2016: Bayleys appears to have removed their Youtube ad today, with its Hexagon symbolism shown above and their overweight Sales Manager John Church gloating about “25% growth”] 

[Update 2 16-09-2016: Bayleys have now hired an “ex policeman”  private investigator Mike Gillam who has been harassing family members of people involved with this website – including one man’s 70 year old mother. Mafia like intimidation tactics some might argue. This article has been ‘toned down’ and modified as of 1.52pm today due to various threats made by the Bayleys PI to both ourselves and our family members. Mike Gillam has threatened that things will start to “blow up” – an unfortunate choice of words making it sound like he represents Israeli State or IS, not a business in Auckland in our view] 

Guess we hit a nerve.

We think its a shame really, that when anyone dares to ‘insult the Profit’ of these people and their corporations – they reach for the cheque book and start spending thousands of $$$ on expensive high street lawyers and private investigators – as opposed to sending a cheque to Auckland City Mission or Te Puea Marae . They underscore our entire message by their actions in our view. 


 Secret Agent Mike GillamThompson and Toresen – taking himself a little too seriously – & paid to harass 70 year old ladies while threatening to ‘blow things up’ to defend ‘the Profit’ of Bayleys Real Estate. Fair Use/ Commentary – Source . Interestingly, Mike Gillam has also been profiled on the website that specialises in exposing alleged pedophiles with name suppression and those who protect them in our Nation – Lauda Finem . Seems he is a serial offender. 


Has Bayleys chosen the symbol of Saturn/ 666/ Satan for its company?

[Legal Disclaimer- Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that Bayleys Real Estate worship the mythological ‘Satan’ or are deliberately facilitating the abuse of  hundreds of Auckland children. This article simply discusses the known associations of the symbol Bayleys have chosen to use in their logos and investigates whether there might be any correlation to this ‘mythology’ and symbolism and the homelessness crisis in the Auckland housing market. We do not draw any conclusions other than suggesting the choice of the ‘Hex’ / Hexagon/ 666 may have been a poor choice, given the unprecedented levels of homelessness and child abuse NZ is currently experiencing].  

Media Whores investigates: 

Mike Bayley - Bayleys Real Estate
Mike Bayley – Bayleys Real Estate – grinning from ear to ear & making record ‘profits’ as record numbers of Kiwi children live under bridges and in cars – Fair Use/ Commentary


“Its all about people” – Bayleys MD, Mike Bayley  claims.

Perhaps he means homeless people and Chinese investors? Photo credit “iStart” website – but Media Whores has seen no evidence this salesman actually started anything at all. People who have had wealth handed to them often try to pass themselves off as ‘entrepreneurs’ – it sounds a lot better than ‘spoiled rich kid’ some would argue.

We do however have evidence that Mike Bayley’s company is actively  & dishonestly scamming people – worth many millions but still scamming a few extra dollars off Kiwis:  Stuff  – the very definition of organised crime and gang behavior

Mike Bayley and his corporate gang are apparently a bit short on morals and ethics – but could it be more sinister than that? ………..

Media Whores recently noticed the new Bayleys Real Estate ads on Youtube .

Bayleys seems to have adopted the Israeli styled Hex /Hexagon/ Hexagram / 666 symbol as their new logo. Hardly surprising given Israel is an Apartheid State and New Zealand is fast becoming the same under the John Key foreign banker regime.

Is the goal to build  an Apartheid NZ ?

[Note- Video now removed by Bayleys- the hex/ hexagon logo they used can be seen above- without the 666 on it obviously]

The foreign bankers have their puppet leader firmly in charge, they control most of the media, they have their “free trade agreements” in place (free money for them – communism for everyone else) and last but not least, complete control of the Reserve Bank and their partners in crime, the foreign banking cartel.

And now the large corporations are of course milking the bubble the bankers have created – the housing market – or housing crisis – while systematically selling off New Zealand to cashed up (and often corrupt) foreigners, making the Kiwi poor and working poor homeless in the process.

It is a mathematical impossibility for the lower percentile of Kiwis to keep up with the rampant housing inflation being caused by the money counterfeiting operations of the privately owned US Federal Reserve Bank, and the so called ‘free trade agreements’ allowing cashed up foreigners into our housing market. In such conditions, it is guaranteed that a certain percentage of Kiwis will end up homeless, which is exactly what we are seeing.

 Which begs the question – are ‘they’ building their Apartheid State model by design, right here in ‘God’s Own’?

Social Media is indeed alive with this type of debate…NZ Property – Residents ONLY

And about 100,000 New Zealanders are HOMELESS

Makes you wonder which ‘God’ it is they worship really – these greedy dishonest corporates. Corporation being from the Latin root word Corpus – a dead entity with no soul.

Maybe we should take a look at that. It is all in the symbolism of course – always is.

Firstly the Hexagram is NOT a symbol of Jewish people. The fact that the Rothschild family chose to put it on the State of Israel’s flag is another matter.

Just ask these guys who actively protest Zionism and its associated Zionist symbols.

And even semi conscious Israelis admit Israel is an apartheid State:

“I used to be one of those people who took issue with the label of apartheid as applied to Israel. I’m not one of those people any more.  Not after the last few weeks
Not after terrorists firebombed a West Bank Palestinian home, annihilating a family, murdering an 18-month-old boy and his father, burning his mother over 90 percent of her body – only to have Israel’s government rule the family ineligible for the financial support and compensation automatically granted Israeli victims of terrorism, settlers included.
I can’t pretend anymore. Not after Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, explicitly declaring stone-throwing to be terrorism, drove the passage of a bill holding stone-throwers liable to up to 20 years in prison. The law did not specify that it targeted only Palestinian stone-throwers. It didn’t have to.”

Read more:

Perhaps this is the sort of Nation Bayleys Real Estate aspires to? They appear to have adopted the symbolism for it after all.

So what is this Hexagon symbolism chosen by Bayleys? 

Caution  – advanced class follows…..

The Hexagon, from which the Hexagram originates, is in fact an ancient symbol of the planet Saturn – given Saturn has a naturally forming Hexagon on its North Pole.


Wikipedia explains:

The Bayleys Real Estate Hexagon
The Bayleys Real Estate Hexagon / Cube


The hexagon – also known as “the Hex” – 666 – or “curse over man” can also be represented as a Cube of 3 dimensions and 6 sides ( 3×6 ) as shown above, another ancient symbol of Saturn – the Cube. Or as he is known in Astrotheology/ Mythology & Religion  – Satan. The Roman God “Cronus” – the God of Time – Old Man Time – the Grim Reaper etc. As we all know, Time is in fact Money $$$. The so called Snake on the Tree as seen in the symbol for money $. $atan – the deceiver. So called “Satan” is indeed said to go by “1000 names” in some religions, but it is all the same Astrotheology – the language of the stars. The colour most often associated with Saturn is of course black – thus the Black Cube is most often used to symbolise Saturn/ Satan.

How exactly ancient man knew Saturn had a naturally forming hexagon on its North Pole is up for debate – but they certainly appear to have. Fact is mankind has studied the stars for hundreds of thousands of years (well before we were all “monkeys” – go figure).

The Hexagon also represents the material world, or man trapped in the material body, as Saturn in Astrology is said to manifest in man as bones – the most material/ dense part of the human body (calcium phosphate bone cement). We are of course mostly made of Carbon Isotope 12, which has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons in its make up. 666 – the material Cube. Thus explaining the “Global Warming” tax hoax – taxing the very thing human beings are made up of, Carbon.

Hexagram – Cube – Saturn & Satanism – the Religions – all “666” symbolism.
Man trapped in cube
Man trapped in the material cube – 666.
The Cross forms a cube - 666
The Cross forms a cube – 666 – ‘man on the cross’ also represents man stuck in the material cube in astrotheology.
The Hexagon is the Cube, 3x6 = 666
The Hexagon is the Cube, 3 dimensions & 6 sides = 666
Bayleys Hamilton - another Black Cube?
Bayleys Hamilton – another Black Cube?
Bayleys Sandringham - another Black Cube?
Bayleys Sandringham – another Cube?
Lonestar Pukekohe Black Cube
Lonestar Restaurants are also fond of black cubes it seems. Pukekohe Black Cube
ASB Bank Black Cube
And the banks – of course – ASB Bank Black Cube plonked on the roof??
Hoyts at The Base Te Awa, Hamilton
Hoyts at The Base Te Awa, Hamilton – another corporate black cube. In fact the very word “Base” is arguably a reference to the Cube (3×6)
Samsung Cube
Samsung Cube
Mecca is a Black Cube
Mecca is a Black Cube
Black Cubes - the 666?
Black Cubes – the 666?


Black Cubes popping up everywhere around Auckland and the Western World it seems  – bit like homeless people and the child abuse statistics.

The Quran makes mention of the number 666 also apparently.

And of course Jewish Kabbalah (Kabba being Cube + Allah/ eL/ the Lord)

The Bible makes mention of the Cube also with this quote from Rev 13:18 “Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.”

So in theory, Media Whores should really be up for some kind of prize for figuring all this out, but unfortunately all we have received so far is threatening phone calls and letters from private investigators and large Auckland law firms working for Bayleys Real Estate – perhaps we are just lucky we haven’t been dragged away and nailed to a cross?

This 18 minute video explains everything you need to know on the ancient (and modern day) use of the Hexagon / Black Cube / Saturn symbolism…..

These are the so called “Abrahamic Religions” – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – and the Astrotheology experts all agree that they are essentially all the same thing: Monotheism, the belief in one ‘god’, but all a different ‘one God’ of course, to insure they are always fighting over it. The so called Lord of this Earth. Lord/ eL/ Allah etc. All the same thing. That rules over us all with its Monotheism, Money, Monarchy and Monopolies. The so called ‘Four MO’s” – or Modus Operandi (Means of Operating) – learn more Here . The religions are of course full of beautiful truths also, but have all been turned into registered corporations these days, with their false idols and symbols, all fighting over money, land, names and these symbols……for the ‘symbol’ minded.

Now however, these same religions and their symbols seem to have morphed into Global Corporations – the new religion for the masses, that you must bow down to, worship and Obey (or risk having private investigators and law firms sent after you).

Once you become aware of these symbols that surround you and what they mean, you will see them everywhere – check out car logos and buildings as you drive around – many of the large corporations are now using Cubes and Black Cubes as well as the rings of Saturn in their logos and symbolism- wittingly or otherwise. Global Corporate ‘Government’ is the New Order of things it seems, and one could be forgiven for concluding that their ‘God’ is in fact Saturn / Satan.

Saturn/ Satan logos - the rings of Saturn
Saturn/ Satan logos – the rings of Saturn


Experts say the use of these symbols plants subconscious messages in unconscious people – you are a material being, with no higher spiritual understanding – a “sinner” as the religions call it – trapped in the material world of greedy corporations – your new God. So ‘sell us your soul’ as the saying goes. To paraphrase Astrotheology expert Santos Bonacci, these symbols are used as a way to manipulate the minds of simple/symbol people as a means to gain wealth and power. They are used to ‘rule over you’, just like their use in the religions. Astrotheologists agree, these symbols represent the so called ‘Anti Christ‘ in the spiritual sense…..false idols.

Mike Bayley - Peacock
Mike Bayley on the ‘red’ carpet – Record Profits for Bayleys Real Estate – and Record Child Abuse for NZ. Is there any correlation?

Photo Credit – NBR (Fair Use/ Commentary)

Interesting to note that Mike Bayley is actually standing on the “Gucci” ‘red’ carpet in the photo above – and Gucci also use the rings of Saturn in their corporate logo:

Gucci - the Rings of Saturn
Gucci – the Rings of Saturn


Meanwhile – away from the egotistical glamour of the ‘red carpet’ – another homeless man found dead in the Auckland streets this week. The body count is piling up.

It could of course be argued that this choice of the hexagon is a coincidence, but we at Media Whores are not big on coincidence theories – that is the mainstream media’s specialty.

We also have no evidence that Mike Bayley and his gang are into “Satanism” as it is often referred to, or anything like that. Perhaps the choice of the Hex/ Hexagon was just an unfortunate mistake by a rogue graphic designer, while the Bayleys management were all down at the Waterfront bars rubbing each others egos?

One thing we do know however is that the amount of Kiwis forced onto the streets and into garages and cars under the current corporate Fourth Reich government regime is extreme and amounts to child abuse like NZ has never seen.

Newstalk ZB – “Hundreds of homeless children in Auckland

‘Satan’ in mythology is often depicted as engaging in child abuse also, which is an unfortunate possible association for anyone choosing to use a Hexagon in their symbolism and logos.

Here is Cronus / Saturn / Satan / the Hex / 666 depicted in famous mythological art:

Cronus Satan Bayleys Real Estate
Cronus or ‘Satan’ Devouring Children – in Mythology/ Astrotheology.


The Auckland Housing Crisis that Mike Bayley and his gang are making record profits from has even made International headlines in regards to the resulting large scale abuse of poor Kiwis and their children:

And while record numbers of Kiwi kids go homeless and live in cars under bridges, Bayleys Real Estate advertise Kiwi homes in Mandarin to Chinese investors. These so called ‘Free’ Trade Agreements forced upon Kiwis are just great for the bankers, and the real estate companies. They get to sell off our land and homes, and we get…..kilos of Chinese meth and cheap plastics from the Warehouse….

Bayleys Chinese Ads
Bayleys Chinese Ads


Oddly enough – the Minister of Housing in New Zealand – MP Nick Smith recently hired a lawyer to battle child abuse allegations circulating on the internet, so child abuse allegations and the housing situation seem to be a common theme. (More sources here & here and on the Wake Up Kiwi site – use Control F to find the Nick Smith article further down page)

The corporate spokesman featured in the Bayleys video – John Church – is apparently one of the faces of this housing agenda. He gloats in the video like an overfed mammal about “25% growth” in property markets, apparently oblivious to the suffering of the thousands of Kiwis and Kiwi kids made homeless in recent years by ever increasing rents and no associated wage increases.

John Church Bayleys
John Church Bayleys – fair use/ commentary.

John Church Bayleys – suffering from what appears to be obesity as Kiwi kids go hungry under bridges in the new Babylon (Source)

With record numbers of children living in cars and on the streets, while the likes of Bayleys Real Estate make record profits from the same ‘market’, the choice of the Hex / Hexagon as a logo does seem to be a very poor choice – and by removing the video from Youtube, it appears as if Bayleys now agrees.

Adam Freeland’s musical interpretation of the mythological Satan Cult ….”We want your soul”. 

More on the so called “Synagogue of Satan” – not necessarily related to Bayleys Real Estate – as explained above:

Other large Corporations using symbols of Satan/ Saturn in their logos – Saturn is most often depicted as the Rings of Saturn, or the so called “Lord of the Rings” depicted by Peter Jackson as a ring that sucks the soul out of the holder of the ring… your new ‘God’ – Global Corporate Government, and owned by “God’s Chosen People” it would seem, that God being Saturn/ ‘Satan’. 

Saturn Logos
Saturn – Satan – Rings – Corporate Logos

saturn-logo-large saturn-logos-2 saturn-logos bmw-saturn toyota-saturn-2 cbs-saturn saturn-mastercard target-saturn starbucks-saturn-isis macdonalds-saturn bentley-saturn aol-saturn bud-saturn saturn-vodafone gucci-saturn toyota-saturn sega_saturn_logo nike-saturn

More on the worship of Saturn/ Satan (not necessarily related to Bayleys as explained above)

$aturn is just one of 7 visible planets. So called ‘satanists’ only worship Saturn in pursuit of power and money and other material pursuits.  They are hopeless materialists – like pigs at feeding time, they see everything as potential food and have little or no higher mind, or spiritual aspirations – they are indeed detached.  But could knowing about all 7 visible planets in our souls/ solar system be the key to human evolution, beyond the corporate control grid of ‘Saturnian’ corporate abuse and greed we are witnessing? Learn more about the Soul/ Solar System……

More from Astrotheology expert Santos Bonacci on how the Cult of Saturn/ Satan perverted the ancient holy science of the soul – solar knowledge stolen from humanity by greedy materialists and their ‘satanic’ symbols….

Disclaimer – the views and opinions expressed here are those of Media Whores and the author and should not be taken as fact without first doing your own research. Except for the Saturn/ Hex/ 666 bits of course, they are all ancient theological and astrological truths- uncomfortable as they may be for some.

In other news – still no conviction for the murder of property rich lister’s ex wife – Jo Pert – very murky waters up their in corporate la la land….

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