Prince Charles Evokes the Holocaust ™ / Holy Hoax ?


Featured Image – Prince Charles sharing a giggle with serial necrophiliac Jimmy Savile

Prince Charles – the self proclaimed King of the Dracula/ draco bloodline, has come out and evoked memories of the Holocaust in the mainstream media.

“The Prince of Wales has warned that the rise of populist extremism and intolerance towards other faiths risks repeating the “horrors” of the Holocaust.”

Presumably, nobody thought to explain to the Prince that an estimated 4 million people have been murdered in the Middle East in the past 15 years since 9-11.

Nobody wants or likes war – well not most human beings at least, but what stands out to Media Whores about Charles’ statement is the fact that the Western World has been at war fairly continuously since the end of wwii & Prince Charles has never seemed too overly concerned.

Charles was quite young throughout the Holocaust of the Korean War in the 50’s, the Vietnam War of the 50’s through 70’s and the genocide in Cambodia, but has remained fairly silent to our knowledge about the near continuous genocide and ethnic cleansing around the Middle East since wwii, the Hungarian Revolution, the Invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet -Afghan War, the current and historic ethnic cleansing in East Timor,  and numerous wars throughout Africa since wwii, just to name a few. Not to mention the slow extermination of the Palestinian people in their homeland – now removed from Google Maps and renamed “Israel”. Almost continuous wars since the “horrors” of wwii as Charles puts it – resulting in 10’s of millions of people dead. Then more recently we have had the staged / inside job 911 attacks and the resulting mass murder of 4 million people across the Middle East since those attacks and as far as we are aware, Prince Charles has helped cover all that up – and he clearly still is.

The Prince is clearly not sincere when he talks about “repeating the horrors of war”.

Which makes one wonder what else he is being deceptive about.

His apparent close friendship with England’s worst ever known child sex offender, Jimmy Savile would be one obvious example.

The links of the resulting Westminster Pedophile Ring Scandal to the Windsor/ Saxe Coburg Gotha / Jewish/German Royal Family would probably be another

Or perhaps the Prince would like to address the fact that the UK is now the second largest arms exporter in the World? Complete deception and hypocrisy.

Or perhaps the death of his ex-wife, Princess Diana?

Or how about that time he told us all we would all die from Climate Change in “96 months”?

If the powers that be think that getting this guy to represent their cause is a good idea – they are clearly in need of better media advisors. (Side note – we do not work for psychopaths  – sorry).

How is it that despite 10’s of millions of people dying in wars since wwii – a large proportion of them murdered by bombs and weapons exported by British companies – the Prince is suddenly so keen to evoke the Holocaust and the plight of the poor persecuted Jews? (Statistically the most powerful and wealthy race in the World). Are the deaths of an estimated 700,000 Jews in wwii over 70 years ago any more important than the 10’s of millions who have died in wars since and why? And yes, most independent experts agree the death toll of Jews in wwii was more like 700,000. The Red Cross actually puts the number at 271,000. The  official number is now 1.5 million, but you only ever hear the number 6 million repeated across all mainstream media to this day. Perhaps not surprising given it is said that 6 Jewish companies own 96% of the Worldwide mainstream media.

“My parents’ generation fought and died in a battle against intolerance, monstrous extremism and inhuman attempts to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe.”

So the death’s of around 60 million people in war since wwii is of no real significance to the Prince of Wales, but the deaths  of an estimated 700,000 Jews over 70 years ago is the driving force behind his call for peace? Seems rather inconsistent and bias to us.

The fact is only a ‘chosen’ few companies and powerful families controlled the mainstream media during wwii, much as they do now – so we are fed garbage today, just as the public were 70-80 years ago. If these elite families and ‘tribe’ were not able to feed garbage to the public via the media – there would most likely be no wars.

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper. Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife.

It has been pretty much illegal to question the official narrative of wwii in the West for the past 70 years, but thanks to the internet, we can now all do our own research into history and make up our own minds, we don’t need the King of the Draculas to tell us what to think or how to fell about what’s going on the world surely?

Please Sir – may we think for ourselves?

Some more non mainstream links to the German / Jewish Royals and the famed Holocaust below. One theory that stands out to us is that it would have taken the Germans over 1200 years to burn 6 million Jewish bodies with the facilities they had in the so called death camps. Or the fact that the so called ‘gas chambers’ didn’t have any locks on the windows or doors. The real / uncensored ‘survivor’ videos are also a good watch.

Readers are encouraged to make up their own minds. Surely humanity has the right to think for itself, and the duty to do so.



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