The NASA Hoax Exposed – fairy tales for chemically impaired adults



Image- Nasa in Hebrew- to deceive on a grand scale. NASA is SAtAN, the God of the freaks who program you via your Tell-a-lie-vision. ‘Freaks’ in a very liberal non threatening way of course.


NASA is coming down – quite literally.

Your TV has been poisoning yours and your family’s minds for the past 70 years. Aided by the chemicals you buy and consume from your super markets each week, the tell-a-lie-vision, corrupt tax payer funded governments around the World and the retards who pose as scientists and journalists, have managed to actually convince people that they came from monkeys and are flying through space at a gazillion miles per hour while spinning around like a washing machine, while the waters in the oceans lie perfectly still and flat in front of them. Humans now believe what they see on those boxes in their living rooms, over their own common sense.

How far we have fallen.

NASA is indeed, fairy tales for chemically impaired and TV brainwashed fools.


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