2016 – The Year of the Flat Earth Conspiracy


Featured Image – most ‘space monkey’ human beings believe what they see on their televisions – and never think to ask  themselves very simple and obvious questions, such as why are there clouds behind the sun?


The Flat Earth ‘Conspiracy’ took off across social media in 2016 – essentially an investigation into the brainwashing power of our governments and media in this day and age……and the very shape of the planet we live on.


Image – the very first thing the government regulated kindergartens do is have kids study and draw the ball earth.

Is it a planet – or a plane? Surely our kindergarten teachers wouldn’t lie to us, but how many kindergarten teachers have been to space?


Image – all high altitude photographs show a flat horizon – not curved. With the exception of those taken with “fish eye” lens, which create an artificial curve on the photos they take.


Image – some fairly simple math would suggest the Sun is much closer to Earth than we are ‘officially’ told.


Image – photos released by NASA are constantly being ‘debunked’ and exposed as photoshop productions. Why would NASA release photoshopped images? Not to mention, they always leave out the stars – too complicated?


Image – the Stratos space jump photos – apparently there are no stars in space. The land mass you can see is the US State of New Mexico, which apparently takes up the entire Northern Hemisphere – and their are no oceans in the Northern Hemisphere either. Just how stupid do ‘they’ think we are? 


Image – NASA claims there are 13,000 + satellites in space, so when you think you are watching a lone satellite traverse the night sky, people need to ask themselves – where are the other 6000+ they should be able to see at the same time? And why would they put flood lights on all satellites?Just so we can see them?

“The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake as the children of the sun began to awake.” – Led Zeppelin


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