Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited

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“I have no idea about any Satan type stuff. I know some are free masons, but how that fits in I am not sure  
They have a ranking system. More murders and rapes the higher your ranking”

“WF , wellington millionaire and pedophile. Friend of L. RJ who I have mentioned before. He one of the pedo’s involved in ben smart oliva hope murders. There a photo of the real boat in his house. I was there confronting him on other matter when I clicked with the photo. “

01102012 News Photo - Derek Flynn / The Marlborough Express / Fairfax NZ. Gerald Hope has retired as Chairman of the Marlborough Hospice Trust.

Image – Gerald Hope – father of Olivia Hope – her body was never found, and an innocent man, Scott Watson,  was stitched up by the authorities and remains in jail to this day. Gerald Hope was shortly after promoted to Mayor of Malborough and has continued to have a stellar areer in various Government related agencies and businesses. Justin Davis has named who owned the other boat sighted by numerous witnesses, but the authorities have continued to ignore it. Why ruin a good thing. 

Documenting the history of Jewish ritualistic child sacrifice ….

A Jewish circumcision where the Rabbi sucks the blood from the 6 day old ‘virgin’ boy’s freshly cut penis. And calls it ‘religion’. A sacrifice for their ‘God’. This practice and these child abusers should be banned from New Zealand in our opinion (if we are allowed an opinion?). You are not allowed to smack your kid, but you are allowed to cut off the end of his penis and suck it?  Barbaric – not even animals behave like this. The Rabbi looks very excited…..



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