The Great ‘Terrorism’ Hoaxes – from Boston to Berlin – #CrisisActors Exposed


Featured Image – why has this same girl been pictured at at least three ‘ISIS’ terror attacks – in at least two different countries? You would think these masonic criminals would at least hire more actors.They run the central banks and have unlimited funding  after all.

When the FBI murder statistics came out for Newton, Sandyhook in 2012 – they forgot to add in the supposed 20 children and 6 adult staff members who had supposedly been murdered. It was later revealed that the school had in fact been closed for some time. It was a giant, well staged hoax – beamed into peoples’ lounges across the globe to scare them and gain support for all of the illegal wars for Israel in the Middle East. The corporate media and our governments’ terrorizing families across the West and beyond so they could all pass laws allowing them to spy on you and your children- and feel them all up at airports…..

Perhaps one of the most infamous ‘crisis actors’ used at these ‘radical Islam’ staged terror hoaxes, was the Afghan war vet who had lost both his legs in an IED attack during the US invasion of Afghanistan – and was photographed with blood painted on his legs being wheeled away from the Boston Bombing…..

afghan-vet-2 afghan-vet afghan-war-vet

Within hours of these fake staged ‘radical Islam’ terror hoaxes – Youtube is alive with videos produced by keen eyes, pointing out all of the mistakes, the crisis actors and various inconsistencies.

They have all been fake terror attacks – or False Flags as they are known in the military – designed to garner more support from the West for Israels terrorism, illegal wars and land grabs across the Middle East – while being used by your own governments to take away your rights, your privacy and giving them the lawful right to spy on your children and feel them up airports. And all of it pushed and sold to you by the filthy corporate media whores on your TV screens and across your radio airwaves- a bunch of pedophiles and /or  perverts being bribed and mind controlled according to exiled NZ author Greg Hallett. Not one of them has done a real days work or investigation into the bullshit they report on in years. From Leighton Smith, Larry Williams and Rachel Smalley to Duncan Garner and Paul Henry – a bunch of money grabbing corrupt lying useless bastards……in our opinion, and based on the research below. The same goes for every single MP in New Zealand, not one of them has had the balls or intelligence to do any research into the reasons for the new laws allowing them to spy on you, and not one of them has spoken out. Same goes for the filthy corrupt judiciary in this Country who enforce those laws. Every single one of them serving the Israeli State – and not the NZ tax payers they are paid to protect. That is  called TREASON and is punishable by death in many nations. The unnecessary terror they have put you and your families through so that a bunch of inbred fascist war criminals can murder millions of innocent people across the Middle East is certainly deserved of long prison sentences in the least. They are the corporate Fourth Reich.

Name your ‘terror attack’ and put Hoax after it – and research on Youtube for yourselves….

The War on Terror is a Hoax Folks.

A selection of some of the best below:

The Berlin Terror Hoax

The Nice Terror Hoax

The Belgium Terror Hoax

The Paris Terror Hoax

No blood from high powered rifle shot at close range- at Charlie Hebdo Hoax

The Boston Terror Hoax

The Sandyhook Terror Hoax

And of course the so called Sydney Siege – a total hoax. HoaX HoaX HoaX, for the 666….on their flag….

The London Bombing Hoax – the bombs were planted UNDER the train carriages – not carried on in backpacks….

And of course the big kahuna – 911 – an Israeli Mossad operation…



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