The Enemy Within….

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Radical Islam did not blow up the Pike River Mine.

Aliens are not triggering earthquakes up the East Coast of New Zealand where ever there are proven massive oil reserves.

Reptiles are not spraying the skies with chemtrails laced with barium chloride, aluminum oxide, synthetic polymers, bio-nano particles, causing cancers, arthritis and lung diseases.

The Russians are not exporting enough food to feed 60 million people from New Zealand each year while Kiwi kids go hungry and homeless.

The Nazis are not taxing you at 65% net on your incomes, forcing more and more workers onto welfare (Government slavery) each year, while the large Global corporations that operate here go relatively tax free. And the ‘Australian’ owned Banks (what a joke) make $8 billion per year and ship it all off shore.

Christians are not lacing your town water supplies with toxic sodium fluoride which causes brain damage and bone cancers.

The Catholic Church are not drugging and abusing children at kindergartens, schools and MP’s offices around the Country (ref the Justin Davis Files)

Radical Maori are not allowing tonnes of meth to be imported into our Nation while policing and jailing marijuana growers and smokers, causing rampant crime, prostitution, murders, child abuse, unemployment and mental health issues.

Its not the Iranians pushing poisonous toxic cancer causing vaccines on your children

The Tooth Fairy did not pass laws allowing the Government to spy on you and your children via all electronic devices (including your TV)  – all based on the ‘War on Terror’ hoax.

And Humpty Dumpty did not stage the Moon landings , doesn’t run the NASA hoax  and isn’t suppressing the cancer cures.

So who is behind the coordinated, systemic lies and destruction of our way of life and freedoms  across the Western World? Who has infiltrated our Government and all of the political parties and controls the narrative via the corporate media?


Image – an elephant in the room.


6 companies own at least 90% of the corporate media across the West – and they feed you no stop lies and bullshit – Business Insider

So what other theories are there? There is one group the entire corporate media will NEVER mention or talk about …1000 different boogie men, threats and ways to die – but only one group who are never discussed or mentioned at all – the same people that own and control your media, the banking industry and most of the global corporations that poison you.  Its not rocket science is it.

Could it be the same crowd who have controlled the media and official ‘his-story’ for a very long time, including during and after wwii – and managed to convince you they were all victims of the ‘Holocaust’ – now a proven hoax. ?

Check out what they now own and control – the entire corporate new world order – all the garbage you are being fed each day, via the corporate food supply, the filthy corrupt doctors and hospitals, and the mainstream media:

And where does the power come from ? To buy up all the media and all of the fake corrupt political parties in our so called ‘democracies? Maybe its the ability to print money out of thin air? The same counterfeit money they lend to you at interest, to keep you working like a slave all of your life, until you get diagnosed with cancer from too much stress and additives in the corporate processed foods, then murdered with chemotherapy.

Holocaustianity Exposed:







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