Holocaustianity – exposing the Holocaust Lie #Holyhoax


If Hitler was a fascist trying to take over the World – how come we now have global corporate fascism (global corporate government)?

Exposing the Holocaust / Holy Cause/ Holy Hoax Lie – how Holocaustianity has been used to take over the Western World….Who now controls America? https://thezog.wordpress.com/

International Red Cross official death toll from the so called Holocaust is 271,000, not 6 million

There is still not one shred of evidence that even one person was gassed in the Nazi prison camps – and all of the so called ‘survivor’ testimonies have been exposed as fakes. In fact it would have taken the Nazis up to 1200  years to burn 6 million bodies with the facilities  it is claimed they had. The Zyclon B gas alleged to have been used in the so called gas chambers was sampled and tested and shown to have been painted on years after the actual war had finished. One of our favorites is the fact that the gas chambers didn’t even have locks on the doors and windows – not to mention Polish Government documents proving some of the chambers were also built after the war.

Watch, learn, deprogram….you have been duped.





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