Mike King & the Suicide Industry Exposed – the Antidepressant Hoax


Featured image – Mike King – Big Pharma drug pusher for the Masonic/ Judaic New World Order

[Disclaimer – Media Whores acknowledges that Mike King is a self confessed madman, and is known to make violent threats to people who challenge his work on Facebook, as well as to engage in road rage. It is not our intention to provoke this lunatic into acts of violence, or god forbid, more self harm – but he needs to be called to account and encouraged to face up to the harmful bullshit he puts out into our society for his corrupt corporate sponsors – that is our intention – to expose this idiot’s bullshit and hopefully help wake him up out of his drug induced new world order corporate trance]

[ A message to Mike King – when you read this, don’t reach for the cocaine fella – watch the videos, and realize who you serve, finally man up and grow some balls, throw off the demonic corporate whores who control you – and start becoming the leader you have the potential to be – for good, not for the corporate sickos – it will mean a pay cut, but what price on your soul? If you truly want to help, its time to speak out – say no to ALL drugs].

[Legal – if you have been duped by these criminal quacks into taking their pharmaceutical grade heroin, viagra and sodium fluoride cocktail of dangerous new age drugs, we suggest you do not stop them suddenly but watch the videos below and do your own research before trying to get the hell off them- slowly. Yes the reality that we have all become tax paying slaves to a global corporate elite and the money counterfeiting satanic  banking industry that is trying to kill us via the food, water and air is a bit depressing, but taking drugs is not going to help fix the situation].

Corporation – from the Latin Corpus  / Corpse – Dead Body – No Soul . The corporations are killing you.

Mike King is primarily an actor and a comedian, but it seems these days he is primary a drug pusher for Big Pharma and the Masonic / Judaic / Corporate New World Order.

We doubt very much that Mike King has the intelligence required to figure out that he is essentially a useful idiot for the new world order matrix:

Mike King is surrounded by corrupt corporate sponsors and mainstream media whores so it is very unlikely he will ever figure out that there is NO SUCH THING as a “chemical imbalance of the brain” – the justification used by the modern day corporate psychology & medi-sin industry to push dangerous and poisonous  new age whacko medications on their patients.

Well – there is no such thing as a natural chemical imbalance of the brain at least – because the human body does not produce any chemicals to begin with, it only produces organic material and compounds. The only inorganic or chemical imbalance the human ORGANISM (that’s right, its even in the name given to it) can have, is from chemicals and/or inorganic matter which we have added to it.

Thus the solution to any unnatural “chemical imbalance in the brain” or body, is to detox the harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

The corrupt new age corporate shrinks and quacks will typically never explain this fact to their long suffering and somewhat stupid patients  because there is no money it. Detoxing that is. If these criminals started telling their clients that they need to go home, get on a chemical free diet, get exercise, clean water, sunshine and some good sleep – they would all be out of business within a few years and would have to find real jobs – much like the media whores and politicians.

So what they do instead is tell people that they have a “chemical imbalance in the brain” and prescribe them toxic / poisonous new age whacko medications designed to enslave them for life and keep them coming back. And they recruit mindless idiots and/or  drug addicts with high public profiles such as Mike King and John Kerwin to help drive sales.

Big Pharma often fund the entire leases on large office spaces for these criminal corporate killers and fly them to lavish “conferences” on paradise islands in the Pacific and around the world to make sure that they are all singing in tune. Such bribes are a little hard to turn down for most greedy corrupt doctors who have long ago made the decision to enjoy hedonistic lifestyles as opposed to actually upholding the Hippocratic oath of “do no harm”, even if it means encouraging suicide.

And as a result we have around 1 in 10 New Zealanders these days walking around  in drug induced trances, making them the perfect little slaves for the corporate new world order of bullshit. In fact some commentators have speculated that most of our parliamentary MP’s and up to 90% of the corporate media are on these new age whacko drugs which would help explain the crap they feed us on a daily basis – some obvious examples being : skyscrapers collapsing due to fires on 9-11, 500 men called ISIS in monkey suits taking over the entire Middle East, Israel being a “friendly democracy in the Middle East”, sodium fluoride being “good for your teeth”, and 1080 being safe for native birds.

The uncomfortable truth is that not only would you have to be on mind altering drugs to believe all of the non stop bullshit fed to us by our Freemasonic / Judaic controlled Government and media these days – but the very reason these drugs are being pushed on people is to help the criminal foreign bankers that control our government and media get away with their crimes. The more voters who are whacked out and brain damaged by new age prescription medications, the easier it is to soft kill and steal from them.

The fact is that our criminal Masonic / Judaic run Governments & corporations (Freemasonry is essentially Talmudic Judaism light, for the stupid Goy) are poisoning the town water supplies with toxic sodium fluoride, spraying the air with heavy metals by way of the Chemtrails, and adding toxic chemicals and additives to almost everything you eat, resulting in massive amounts of “chemical imbalances” in the populace and resulting depression. Not to mention ‘screen time’ possibly the number one cause of depression (guilty as charged).

But well known drug addict Mike King would never let the truth get in the way of a well paid gig presumably, so it appears has done no research into these facts and continues to help push the corporate fourth reich medications upon the suffering. Or perhaps he is aware of these things and simply doesn’t have the ethics or balls to tell the truth?

Either way the man is a dangerous fraud in our view- and needs to be exposed before he does any more harm to our society and populace.

There has never been a man made drug invented which is healthy for the human organism and its organs – your body only needs organic. Funny that. So don’t listen to the mindless idiots who push them.


Image – friendly non threatening new age psycho drug pusher – Mike King, at the park with some kids.  Stranger danger?

Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

Image – Media Works logo XXX, media porn from the siX siX siX club – big fans of Mike King who helps sell the drugs and bullshit- even to kids.


Image – the global corporate media – owned by just 6 companies – pushes the staged war on ‘tera’, the NASA Hoax, covers for the counterfeit privately owned  banking industry, and pushes new age whacko medications in the breaks.

Mike King on foreign bank owned  NZME – pushing suicide drugs to the Nation for money : http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/nutters-club/

Mike King’s Cocaine Binge

Mike King subtly pushes toxic “medications” on the NZ public


Cyber bully Mike King threatens violence to people on Facebook.

Mike King in road rage incident.

Websites associated with Mike King even warn that the new age whacko meds can lead to suicide – as do the leaflets on the packets – but never let that get in the way of a good ‘show’ – or the next media party.  “Be aware that antidepressant medication can increase suicidal thoughts and feelings for a time and report to your doctor if you notice this” Report to your doctor if you notice you are about to commit suicide??!! Brilliant


Image – another useful idiot John Kerwin – received a ‘Queen’s’ Honor and made a killing from the ‘Jewish’ New World Order for helping push a generation of Kiwis onto new age suicide drugs.


The “Long March” of the “Jewish” globalists to take over the world via the banking industry and media, then dumb everyone down using chemical warfare and new age whacko medications pushed by useful idiots such as  Mike King



Aldus Huxley – author of “Brave New World” explains how the “final revolution” will be to dumb down the population with drugs so they actually “learn to love their slavery” – presumably drug pusher and useful new world order idiot Mike King can’t read too good, or he may have known better….

Sigmund Freud – the Jewish crack addict who wanted to have sex with his mother, but instead invented the modern day psychology industry to help destroy the west and its value system, out of racist spite….

How the New World Order control minds via the media and drugs, and half ass / half truth useful idiots like Mike King:

#TheyLive – and they have recruited the rich, the powerful, and apparently the half ass drug addict comedians also….




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