Did Sir Bob Jones Purchase his Knighthood?


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Media Whores thought it might be timely to make mention of the allegations below given ‘Sir’ Bob Jones has decided to abuse the very people who are suffering under this cesspit system of bribery and corruption, run by a handful of interbred freaks, that we now find ourselves living in.

We are unsure if these allegations have ever been tested in a court – and we cannot confirm nor deny them – but we do know that they are available in books in our libraries still – so we doubt it. And we also know our justice system is run by the very same mafia who dish out these so called honors (ref, Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Rolph Harris, Sir Cliff Richard, and the latest one – the Honorable Joe Biden). And they are certainly very much available on the internet:

If these allegations are true however – Bob Jones’ Knighthood should be removed…..might need to be done posthumously at the rate things are going, along with most of the others from this period also we would suspect…..

“Bob Jones has been something of a mafia boy since he began pissing in a bag and took up boxing to stop being ridiculed. ….The methamphetamine, lots of it, was delivered from Auckland to his house in Wellington…..Bob Jones then began supplying his close friend Paul Holmes with P. As with most things, Paul became an addict….” Read More

And the allegations that Bob Jones paid half a million dollars for his Knighthood to “cover up for his……” well you can guess the rest really, most of these people seem to have the same ‘interests’ shall we say. – Here

[Use Control F and search for “Bob” to locate the exact sentences, but it’s all quite interesting reading – Bob is certainly not the only one mentioned).

Joe Biden being ‘honored’ below – by any serious analysis, these new masonic ‘honors’ are a who’s who of some of the biggest perverts on the planet:

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