Joe Biden Receives the Pedophile Medal of Masonic ‘Freedom’


This is what these people are folks.

Wakey wakey.

The people who have taken over our systems of government in the past decades are a whole different breed.

Kiwis should be looking very closely at any New Zealander who has received any so called ‘honor’ from the Government or the Queen in recent decades….because rest assured, the same Global mafia have taken over our entire system of Government also – not to mention the media, and most industry. Indeed it is the corporate Media Whores like Leighton Smith, Mike Hosking, Alison Mau, Willie Jackson, Duncan Garner, Jack Tame and the others  that cover this reality up for a living – total sickos, posing as journalism.

Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?

Watch and learn

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