Social Media Confirms Latest ‘High Profile Kiwi’ Name Suppression Case


Media Whores would like to confirm a few things that may or may not relate to the latest “High Profile Kiwi’ name suppression case…..but first, let’s confirm there is indeed a new case…

Prominent Kiwi on trial but heavy suppressions in place – Herald

We can confirm there are allegations in the video  below that the person who always wins a case in NZ is either a pedophile or the closest person to a pedophile.

We can confirm there are allegations in the video  below that the outcomes of cases are dictated to the judiciary from foreign “war criminals” (refer – Israel did 911 and runs ISIS)

We can confirm there are allegations in the video  below that the NZ ju diciary is a mafia operation engaged in kidnappings, fraud and contract killings.

We can confirm there are allegations in the video below that NZ’s chief justice Sian Elias is married to a serial child sex abuser – Hugh Fletcher.

We can confirm Sian Elias seems to have a very public disregard for the laws of New Zealand.

We can confirm some commentators say Sian Elias is actually Jewish

We can confirm some commentators say the “Just Us” Minister Amy Adams is also Jewish

We can confirm there are allegations that 4 or 5 sitting MP’s have name suppression for child abuse crimes  – also here.

We can confirm Nick Smith MP recently hired a lawyer to battle child abuse ring allegations.

We can confirm that Nick Smith MP was the only (other?) man really found to be guilty of anything in the Civic Creche child sex abuse case in which numerous kids claimed they were being abused at the school in secret rooms (probably after being drugged).

We can confirm that ex MP Mike Sabin now works at an exclusive golf course.

We can confirm that John Key left NZ at the very height of the Pizza Gate political child sex trafficking allegations

We can confirm that John Key was often photographed with the young and beautiful politician Sarah Higgins who dropped dead a few months back on a Saturday night.

We can confirm that John Key had Max Key film themselves washing cars at home the following morning and put the rare home video online for all to see.

We can confirm that Max Key is a bit of a pervert and his favorite DJ track on Jewish banker controlled George FM (96.6/ 666) is “Cut me another line”.

We can confirm allegations that NZ has ‘elite’ child sex abuse rings operating across the Country with the apparent full protection of the “Just Us” system and NZ police.

And we can confirm there are allegations that the mainstream media’s primary purpose is to cover up for those ‘elite’ child sex trafficking rings.

We can confirm that innocent men are often stitched up for some of the murders done by this “club” – ref Scott Watson and David Bain.

And we can confirm that half the House of Westminster and Lords of the past 50 years have been implicated in some way in child sex abuse and ritualistic murder allegations, and that NZ Judge Lowell Goddard helped fudge the investigation.

We can confirm that there is a list as long as your arm of recent name suppression cases in New Zealand where the “Just Us” system seems to go out of its way to protect child sex offenders in NZ and even lets off members of the ‘club’ (or perhaps better put, Tribe) who traffic in child murder videos – see full list below….

We can confirm that it is possible that at least one of the jurors for such trials is hand picked because they are also a member of the ‘club’ or ‘tribe’ or a Free Mason (the club for non tribe members who want to play in the sand pit).

So finally we can confirm that there appears to be very little hope of any real justice in NZ for people who are victims of the rape, abuse, pedophilia, fraud, murder and other crimes of this secretive little inbred mafia that poses as our Government and “Just Us’ system, whom we fund with our tax money – not that we have any evidence that this is the case this time – but it does often appear to be.

Recent cases involving child sex abuse and/or name suppression.

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

“Ex MP charged with indecent assault”

“Cabinet minister’s brother accused of abusing two 11-year-olds”

“National MP Nick Smith found in contempt of court”

“Hon Dr Nick Smith, M.P and the Family Court

(C) Found guilty of contempt”

“Permanent name suppression for top professional”

“Name suppression for Auckland professional”

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”

But they only give name suppression to “protect the victims” right?

“Abused sisters lose High Court bid to name attacker”

“Investigated teacher refused to open laptop, but can still teach”

“GP accused of indecent assault finally loses his right to practice”

“Fight to keep name suppressed in couch-surfing case”

“Convicted rapist back tutoring”

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”

“Permanent name suppression for prominent New Zealander”

“‘Prominent’ Auckland actor on sex charges retains name suppression”

“Sex offender Ronald Van der Plaat’s release angers Te Atatu community”

“Name suppression for New Plymouth man who imported pornography”

“Invercargill underage sex accused not guilty”

“Acquitted prominent NZer wins permanent suppression”

“Man jailed for 13 years for raping daughter”

“Name suppression threshold “too high” – QC”

“Sex offender seeks further name suppression”

“Kiwi entertainer retains name supression”

“Suppression for man on rape charge”

“Community work and name suppression for child porn downloader”

“NZ actor facing sex charges keeps name suppression”

“Judge declines to lift suppression of kiwi actor on sex charges”

“Comedian says incident was drunken accident”

“Wellington child pornography offender discharged without conviction”

“Pharmacist suppression orders lifted”

“Upskirt filmer gets name suppression”

“Name suppression for Auckland flasher”

“Teachers found guilty of misconduct over relationship with 13-year-old girl lose name suppression”









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