The Sodium Fluoride in Your Water is Giving You Brain Damage

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Featured Image – Matiria Turei – cool liberal sounding name, wears cool liberal green stone necklaces and wonderful fashion, a member of the so called “NZ Green Party” – but oddly enough appears to support the compulsory mass medication of Kiwis’ water supplies with a toxic industrial byproduct designed to dumb  people down and cause brain damage – just as the Nazis were said to have done.


The Sodium Fluoride that the loving Government is putting in your town water supplies is causing you brain damage and will eventually kill you via bone disease and other long term / chronic illnesses. Don’t panic however, because you still get to vote once every 3 years as this is being done to you and your family….by whomever you vote for.

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ

Calcium Fluoride is an organic cell salt which is both good for your bones and teeth and necessary for the body. Sodium Fluoride on the other hand is the main ingredient in rat poisons and is being put in your water to dumb you down and keep you and your family under mind control – as a tax paying slave – until you die a horrible painful death from chemical poisoning. Your loving Government use the term “Fluoride” to deliberately confuse the two.

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If these monsters that pose as your ‘leaders’ are prepared to deliberately poison you and your family with a toxic industrial poison which causes long term brain damage, organ failure and cancers…….then what else do you think they might be capable of? We shudder to think. Truth is, we are not even supposed to think!

New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed…








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