In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand


An interesting interview here from Henrik at Red Ice Radio, Sweden – exploring how New Zealand is being sold off to China, often to corrupt businessmen with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, all at the whim of successive New Zealand Governments (who pose as ‘our’ leaders).

A couple of obvious things he misses however – China was essentially invaded and taken over during the Opium Wars and a puppet / foreign banker regime has been in power ever since. They still pull the strings to this day using an iron fist, so it is intellectually weak to think it is really the Chinese orchestrating this takeover. The same problem is happening across Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA, the entire Western World, with all of ‘our’ Governments willingly selling us off to Chinese companies and investors, despite nobody ever voting for it. So the question really is, who is running all of the Western Governments and allowing this to happen? Those who follow this website will know the answer to that question – perhaps we will stick with the politically correct term again here, its “the Bankers” – the same little group who have run the British Crown for hundreds of years and took over China to begin with. China is now essentially being used as an economic and social weapon against the West by that same very group who still bribe and control the Chinese Communist Party to this day…..There is only one real mafia on this planet and they have controlled China for a very long time.

It is in fact bordering on counterintelligence to suggest China actually runs this whole show – that is the narrative they want you to believe. The same ‘bankers’ started this whole movement by first racing into China with all of their corporations, making a killing, before then skillfully promising China large chunks of the West in return…..making a killing on it all, as per usual. The ‘Bankers’ have placed their Masonic puppets in all top leadership positions across the West, many of them sex offenders being bribed, and it is they who have passed all of the undemocratic laws and so called ‘free trade’ agreements which allow this sell off to occur.

The second point to note is that NZ author Greg Hallett said long ago that China has in fact only been gifted the North Island by the Masonic Bankers, and Israel will largely own and control the South Island.

“Israel and China fight it out over New Zealand, deciding to be tolerant of each other, China taking the North Island and Israel taking the South Island, from where Israel plans to take over Antarctica.” – Greg Hallett, Amazon

To suggest China has been able to organise all of that is pathetic really – but some of the facts here are interesting & important nonetheless. So here it is:

“Ron Asher is a New Zealand writer and commentator on current affairs. He lived in Hong Kong when it was a British colony and has become increasingly concerned at the way that China, through its state owned companies, is gaining enormous economic leverage over the New Zealand economy, aided and abetted by treacherous politicians who are well rewarded by the Communist regime after they retire from politics. Ron is the author of In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand.”

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