Phil Goff Accused of “Treason” in International Media for Selling New Zealand Out to China


Featured Image  – Phil Goff – Guilty of Treason? 


This link is actually a repeat from our previous article but we wanted to highlight one quote in particular from NZ author Ron Asher – author of “In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand”

In the interview below, Ron Asher accuses New Zealand politicians from across party lines of “treason” for selling New Zealand out/ off to the Chinese Communist Party – a fascist Government really, that rules with an iron fist. He specifically highlights the Helen Clark regime’s role in signing New Zealand over to the so called “Free Trade” Agreement with China which gave a Nation of 1.3 billion the right to purchase freehold land in New Zealand, while no one is allowed to buy free hold land in China, not least Kiwis. Not to mention including fixed immigration quotes for Chinese to come and live in New Zealand, which Kiwis were never given the opportunity to vote on, nor can they apparently rescind this quota and agreement now that corrupt Clark is gone. Asher  makes it clear that National are just as bad as Labour – they all work for the same foreign bank fascists that run New Zealand  like a farm for their own ‘profit’ and at our expense. He also specifically names Phil Goff in relation to his allegations of treason, given Phil Goff’s role in pushing the Clark ‘free trade’ deal and suggests Goff has now been further rewarded for his ‘treason’ with the Mayoralty of Auckland, given most of his funding for the election came from wealthy Chinese donors with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

If guilty of these allegations of treason – Phil Goff would be eligible  for life in prison and no doubt also having any ill gotten gains confiscated

Those following the real news, as opposed to the corporate whore monkeys, are all too aware of the corruption we see among these so called leaders these days in the West- with pedophile scandals almost becoming the norm, and even allegations of satanic child sacrifice among the British and US politicians. More and more they are showing themselves to be so called ‘Satanists’. We should make it clear here that we have seen no evidence that Phil Goff is involved in serial pedophilia or ritualistic child sacrifice, but allegations of treason are indeed very serious on their own merit.

We do know Phil Goff’s daughter has been involved in illicit drugs- possibly a symptom of a ‘troubled’ youth – source – and arguably a reflection of the Goff’s parenting skills.

We also know Len Brown, the previous mayor, was a lying pervert who cheated on his wife with some young  tramp – even using Council property (rate payers funds) for it. Not that his wife seemed overly concerned about it.

Most of us are also aware of Greg Hallett’s allegations that John Banks was also a sexual deviant with close ties to the CIA. In fact Greg has claimed the CIA actually run the entire Auckland Super City project from the Deloitte building on Queen Street, by bribing and controlling sicko mayors – source, also below.

These are the standards of the people who pose as our leaders these days. And the all seem to be part of the same ‘club’.

Does anyone seriously still think these elections are real? That a ‘majority’ of citizens have actually voted for any of these freaks? It would seem far more likely they are just making up the results these days. Same strategy as the moon landings – just put the result on TV and every one will believe it.

We can’t confirm just how much of a sell out Phil Goff is, and we have seen no evidence as yet that he is involved in the types of sexual deviancy and perversions as the previous two mayors, or any of the far worse allegations we see against many of the political elites overseas these days  – but we can confirm he has been accused of treason by Ron Asher in the interview below. And we think most Kiwis agree that the sell off we have seen of NZ in recent years has all the hall marks of treason by these political creeps and thugs, and most Kiwis would like to see them all put in jail for it.

There are of course some wonderful Chinese people now in New Zealand who contribute to our society and economy and many of them are extremely hard working – but this issue here is one of democracy and the NZ people being ale to decide what levels of foreign ownership and immigration suit them, not the foreign bankers and the corrupt clowns they sponsor into power at our expense.

Ron Asher also makes the point below that Chinese interests now even own and control the Wellington power grid, this is called a “defense industry” in economics speak and it is clearly treason to sell it off to a Nation who could quite reasonable be seen as a military threat to the entire South Pacific:

Full interview on Red Ice radio, Sweden:

Ron Asher’s new book – and some other interesting looking titles available here:

Interestingly – Greg Hallett also accuses Phil Goff of being an accessory to the murder of a NZ diplomat in this link below. It really does appear to be nothing more than a mafia operation running NZ these days:


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