Has Barry Soper Accidentally Let Slip on Pizza Gate?


Featured Image – Barry Soper – foreign bank owned media bag boy – has shoveled more shit on the NZ public over time than 7 years of Nick Smith’s environment ‘policy’.


Does Barry Soper’s article in the NZ Herald today hint at the reality of the Washington political elites and the creepy frauds that NZ tax payers fund to go hang out with them?

Barry Soper has helped cover up more political dirt than most so called NZ journalists combined and even rides in the private jets of some of the creepiest politicians of the modern age – he is right in the thick of it. So it is no surprise he was part of the #PizzaGate allegations cover up – but could this most recent article hint at the cold reality of what these people actually get up to with our tax money while visiting their inbred distant cousins and associates in Washington?

Tim Groser is the monster who has pushed the latest ‘free trade’ (global corporate slavery) agreement, as well as the ‘man made’ climate change hoax for the Rothschild bankers. If this man is prepared to spend millions of your tax payer dollars to try and better enslave you in this global slave system (posing as capitalism) – what else do you think he is capable of? And if he is hanging out in the Washington DC Pizza Gate circle on a regular basis, should we not be asking these questions? What exactly are he and Barry Soper ‘into’?

“It shouldn’t come as any surprise that our relatively new ambassador to Washington knows how to party.”


Pictured below – tax payer funded Tim Groser shares a grin with Hollywood actor Jon Voight who has been implicated in his own child abuse scandal


“Paul Farhi” from Stuff deployed to help cover up the Pizza Gate allegations here – one wonders what Country Paul is from and who exactly he serves   – Stuff on Pizza Gate


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