Close Up Footage of the Stars Shows Self Luminescent Discs – Not Planets


Featured – Regal Star captured with high powered camera from Earth



(It could be noted here that the above does not necessarily mean NASA was named by the Hebrews – although you would think they might have   objected at some stage)

The compilation of footage below, all taken using high powered digital cameras worth a few thousand dollars – from down here on Earth –  lays waste to NASA and its hundreds of billions of dollars in stolen research money and shows our stars are simply self luminescent balls of light and energy moving in the sky above us, most likely encased in water.

And no – you are not a monkey flying through space on a magic gravity ball – you live on a flat Plane at the very center of this Universe……And yes, the entire system of Government and education is designed to dumb you down and hide this stuff from you – that’s why they call it ‘Govern Mental’ and put brain damage causing Sodium Fluoride in your water.

It ain’t rocket science…….and never has been.

Congratulations- you are now being Illuminated 😉


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