Who is Really Running the Show?


Essentially a group of very inbred bastards.

We have chucked around various terms, nouns and adjectives, but generally speaking we just aim to publish what no one else will say. Or what you are not supposed to say. It’s called freedom of speech, or just plain freedom if you like. Our goal has been to test it and defend it by pushing the boundaries. We have been hacked a few times, the view counters are permanently hacked,  and stalked by a private investigator hired by Mike Bayley – we are permanently spied on by our soviet government spies (even in real time) , followed around everywhere we go, and presented with hookers everywhere we go, even outside our very door step. Our vehicle is tracked, as are our cell phones and credit cards – every time we go anywhere, communist agents and spies (often hookers) show up and start asking us about the “flat earth” and “reptilians”.

Many people claim that most of these ‘family members’ who rule the World and its resources are actually ‘Jewish’ or claim to be Jewish at least, but we encourage readers to research those claims for themselves.

“Did you know all 44 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office? ” – the Atlantian Conspiracy

Media Whores never started out with the intention of hating on any one group or insulting people just for the fun of it. Like so many other so called “truth seekers”, we just want to see the endless wars end, the needless persecution of the poor and the inhuman inequality. And their child abuse. – why is it these people insist on abusing children? Pedophile scandal after pedophile scandal – one could be forgiven for thinking they were still practicing Talmudic Law and see pedophilia as some kind of duty.

Perhaps it is reasonable to conclude we are not dealing with human beings at all – but more realistically it is just inbred greedy bastards who lost their souls many generations ago.

There was a feeling of high hope as the World approached the year 2000, but the powers that be couldn’t resist stealing that moment also with their “Y2K” bullshit, then followed it up with 911 and endless wars ever since. Non stop fear is the only real agenda, so that a few ruling families may live in a constant form of paranoid, psychotic luxury.

Perhaps JFK summed it up best, before trying to take back the US monetary system and being killed – speech below.

It is tragic that so many people have bought into all of the madness and bullshit of of the past 17 years, since the turn of the millennia – it is in fact madness to be going along with it all as a collective human  race. Not least given the access to information we have these days.

Santos Bonacci names the ruling bastards…..




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