How the Marxist Herald Helps Cover Up Auckland Crime


Featured Image  – H. Horrid? Hell? Hebrew? Herald? And the colour black, the colour of Saturn. Nobody seems to wonder why ‘black’ suddenly became NZ’s unofficial national colour.


“Family attacked while jogging through Auckland’s Mt Roskill” – Herald 18/03/2017

Those who still read these ‘satanic’ foreign bank owned ‘news’ papers / toilet rags will be familiar with the fact that when an unsolved crime was reported on in the past, the paper would always offer up a description of the suspects / attackers so that anyone in the public who had seen something on the day could contact police with their possible leads and info.

The foreign bank owned and controlled Marxist Herald has now joined with the European media in censoring any such descriptions on the basis that it may be seen to be “politically incorrect”.

The actual agenda, as in Europe now, is of course to help cover up crime and insure that the culprits have the very best chance of getting away with it, thus encouraging more similar crime.

To those who are still drinking Nick Smith’s sewage water laced with Jonathan Coleman’s brain damaging sodium fluoride, and therefore struggle to think for themselves and ask “why would they publish the story to begin with” – the answer is of course to spread fear at the same time.

The Marxist run Herald do not publish the description of the attackers because Aucklanders might be horrified to learn that we now have foreign gangs of young men out hunting Kiwi’s on the streets and in the parks at night time – but they will publish all the details of the attack and the injuries suffered to make sure that the fear of such a reality (if that is the case) is spread around the community on a fine Saturday morning.

That is the totality of their agenda here. Spread fear, while helping to cover up all the new crime we are seeing.

Some might well argue that the Marxist Herald staff should be rounded up and put in a camp, along with the politicians, for promoting crime in our society. In fact in a honorable court of law it could even be seen as treason.

The so called ‘liberal’ / communist/ Marxist crowd that have infiltrated and taken over our institutions in this once peaceful Nation seem hell bent on destroying our way of life.

You will also note the article has no writer’s name on it – as the agenda is so blatantly obvious, presumably the Marxist toad who wrote it does not want to be identified.

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