Is Donald Trump Pure Jewish Controlled Goldman Sachs Mafia – Just Like the Others?


Featured Image – Donald Trump is not ‘draining the swamp’ …. he is the swamp, according to some reports.Trump has Jewish controlled Goldman Sachs Mafia stamped all over him. He went from having some of his largest businesses falling over (again) to suddenly being worth a few billion in time for the US elite-con – evidence that money does not in fact grow on trees, it is invented on a computer screen.


According to some reports, Donald Trump inherited his father’s Brooklyn / Manhattan real estate empire at a fairly young age and drove it into the ground at least twice, squandering the family fortune on private jets and trips to places like his close friend Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile Island.

Trump’s real family name was actually “Drumpf”, Jewish German immigrants who set up brothels and gambling dens before investing in Manhattan real estate. His family business has a long and very close history with the Jewish lawyers and ‘businessmen’ who controlled much of that market – nobody gets rich in that scene without their rubber stamp – much the same as many other markets.

Trump has been a silver spoon spoiled brat and bully all of his life according to some, with some commentators arguing he is almost always high on cocaine, thus explaining his 17 hour long Twitter rants, and much like his close friend Bill Clinton and no doubt most of these high flying political puppets. His sexual deviancy allegations have all been well documented, again like most of these puppets that are sold to us as ‘leaders’.

His primary purpose for this next fake corporate presidency appears to be to make ‘white people’ look stupid, greedy and racist (much like George Bush’s role was) …and to back Israel in their last remaining wars and ethnic cleansing across the Middle East. There are only a few dominoes left to fall before Israel has achieved their ‘Greater Israel Project’.

These allegations and more are detailed in the videos below. Unfortunately many people in the west have fallen for the deception (again) and think they are on the ‘winning’ team (again), even as the rest of the World looks on in dispear and the racial resentment towards ‘white people’ grows. The pendulum is swung from left to right, eventually screwing everyone, accept the bankers themselves, who get to worship their counterfeit money ‘profit’ $$ at every turn. It is no wonder they refer to us an monkey men really.

Racial animosity and division are primary objectives of the social engineers – they have smuggled millions of questionable and illegal immigrants into the West in recent years, numbers like we have never seen in history (and many hard working honest good ones too of course) , and now they plan to use this narcissistic puppet to ramp up the racial divisions across the West and indeed internationally, to sow the seeds of division and thus control. Some are saying their end goal is actually to collapse all Western Nations entirely, same as they have done throughout history as they run for the safety of their newly created military fortress – like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Same old strategy, programmed via the media they own and control, and the slave class all eat it up, like a bucket of genetically modified chicken by-products purchased from one of the new age corporate gas chambers that are cleverly disguised as restaurants, and washed down with an e coli feces enriched diet coke. This is why their whores across political party and media lines are all made to go on about ‘racism’ all day long – because if they didn’t create the illusion and panic of racism, it would not be long before everyone actually figured out who is running the entire circus and then collectively agreed on a more equitable way of sharing the World’s resources, without the need for any of these mind controlled, cocaine addicts and perverts.

The bankers are never going to let us vote away their power over the money supply – the so called Snake on the Tree  $$. And waging never ending cyclical war around the planet is the only way they can keep their whole money counterfeiting and usury system in play – the biggest racket in the World (closely followed by the petro dollar).

Goldman Sachs are of course the same global banking mafia who have outright purchased NZ’s so called ‘democracy’ and most of the media in recent years, so they can shut down our regions and start installing off shore oil drilling platforms for their biggest clients without any annoying debate. Its all the same octopus – and always blamed on ‘white supremacy’, or the royals, or even shape-shifting aliens – but you will never hear the real facts in the mainstream media or in the debating chambers because none of our so called ‘leaders’ want their Platinum Cards and dinner dates cancelled, not to mention any of their multiple housing loans.

One must however make every effort to try and maintain standards of political correctness when attempting to discuss such matters, or Lenin and the lads will start stalking you, once they have tracked you down via your mobile phone and credit cards. Thus we should stress that despite our leading article headline, we doubt that every Jewish person is part of the same ‘mafia’, or condones the apparent premeditated genocidal ethnic cleansing of their homeland. We should really do an article one day on notable and very vocal Jewish people who speak out about such things, in the interests of fairness.

This next one is a bit full on / hardcore biblical, but some interesting facts in there also. Not least the microchip stuff – we are all now indeed micro-chipped right up the wazoo……




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