“The Best of the Goyim Should be Killed”


Here is an interesting quote floating around the inter-web.

“The best of the Goyim [non Jews] should be killed”

It is apparently a quote from Rabinnical writings and it is a philosophy that is a basic teaching in  Talmudic schools of the Jews.

There are many sources on the web quoting this – but here is the top search link from Google:


“Oy, those annoying patriots and those awful white nationalists
who are forever trying to defend their People and their countries
from Jewish and Communist subversion! They all use the same
infamous quote from Jewish literature. This quote is: “Even the
best of goyim should be killed.”

Media Whores thought we would publish this quote, as we are certainly trying to defend New Zealand from this communist subversion we are all living through, although we do not consider ourselves to be “white Nationalists” – just more along the lines of humanitarian, with a severe dislike of corruption.

You have to wonder – if this quote is true, and if the communist subversion of New Zealand does actually relate to this theory – would bloggers become targets?

We hope not of course. Sad state of affairs when the mafia start knocking off bloggers – at that point we have become no better than Russia and China. And dare we say the USA.

By “the mafia” we are referring to those running this circus posing as a democracy of course, we acknowledge it would be highly ‘politically incorrect’ to say it means all Jewish folk. No doubt some must be appalled at the goings on, and we doubt they all subscribe to ancient Talmudic teachings.

It does also make one ponder the long list of names of people who had possibly become a little to vocal in their time, always talking about ‘peace’ and ‘love’, or God forbid even nationalizing the banking system:

JFK, JFK’s bothers and family, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, to name a few overseas.

And perhaps even in our own little backyard? Norman Kirk, David Lange, and numerous strange deaths of high flying businessmen such as the 2 Degrees founder, Independent Liquor founder etc – who all seem to die in aircraft ‘accidents’. Could it be because they refused to play ball with those who appear to be seeking global communist rule?

The assassination of Norman Kirk

Other discomforting quotes from the Talmud :






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