Trump’s Russian Election


Immigration levels of Russian’s (FSU = Former Soviet Union) into Israel – the largest %%

Russian Language in Israel

Trump 101 – why has he not reinstated Glass Steagall banking laws? Should have been done his first day in office.

Liberalism is Communism. And meth is the new vodka. Cheered on by New Zealand’s captains of industry , communists posing as entrepreneurs.

One wonders how much longer blogs like Media Whores will be permitted….. Sir.

Youtube actually serves this stuff up for us these days. Makes it hard to ignore. Don’t shoot the messenger/s – please.

Putin in New Zealand 1986 – kicking off the economic ‘liberalisation’ agenda with some  video cameras in the diplomatic hotel rooms no doubt – Roger Douglas starts singing from the rooftops. Gotta give them credit for their tenacity and dedication, a plan decades in the making, if not centuries, culminating in Trump in the Whitehouse. Chess at its finest.













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